This paper from the New York Times

Chinese, author Li Anzhi, translation: Chen Yiting.

since its inception in 2001, Wikipedia (Wikipedia) has made great progress. It is by far the world’s most popular reference site, there are about seventy thousand volunteers in more than 100 languages to edit it. But its future is full of uncertainty.

What are the threats to


?The rise of

smart phones

it has become the dominant personal computing device. Pugh Research Center (Pew Research Center) a recent report found that, in the top 50 news sites, 39 sites received from the mobile device traffic more than from the desktop and notebook computer flow. Desktop and laptop sales have been declining for years.

has always been to rely on volunteers in front of the keyboard to find references, discuss the change, writing and using a special markup code for Wikipedia, this is a challenge. Even before the popularity of smart phones, there are studies that consistently show that these are tough tasks for newcomers. "Even the youngest, the most proficient computer participants, can not easily complete these tasks," in 2009, a user test assertion. Difficult to develop new volunteers led to seven consecutive years of decline in editorial participation.

in Wikipedia is still at its peak in 2005, a few months has been promoted to the editor of the administrator of more than 60 people. These administrators enjoy special privileges when editing the English version of Wikipedia. In the past year, it is sometimes difficult to upgrade a manager every month.

with the continued increase in the number of mobile users, the potential Wikipedia group may disappear. It’s hard to operate complex code on a small screen.

internal tension

nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation (Wikimedia Foundation) is responsible for the operation of Wikipedia, but not directly involved in the preparation of content. The foundation is working on solutions. Some of the ideas now include setting up a touch screen tool that allows Wikipedia editors to check information and share content on their phones.

but funding has not been affected. Headquartered in San Francisco, the foundation’s budget is roughly $60 million (about 370 million yuan). How fair allocation of resources has been a point of contention, should give regional branches and affiliated institutions, how many points and groups working on non English version? In order to develop software and mobile applications, as well as the maintenance of infrastructure, the foundation will leave

how much money?

these tensions exist throughout the wiki. Last year, the foundation was forced to install a new version of the German version of Wikipedia software. Before that, German editors showed their independence