1, after the basic, WeChat users are all 98% of adults are WeChat. The QQ community, accounting for 10-29 years of age accounted for 80%.

WeChat game features less, and based on acquaintance circle. For the love of the game, but not a large circle of acquaintances after 95, WeChat’s attractiveness than QQ to several levels of weakness. And when people are obsessed with WeChat, micro-blog, QQ has become a paradise for children.


(Resourse: China Mobile social ecology report August 2015)

2, in the daily shopping, 77.3% of 90 will pay attention to whether they like, the price level will be concerned about the 40.5%, the 31.9% will be affected by the recommendation of friends.

90 is a more assertive group, more from their own personal preference as a starting point for shopping. Advertising promotions, shopping guide and other external factors on their impact is relatively small.

(Resourse: market and media research center, Peking University, 2015)

3, 90 after 90 think they are very house, 90 percent of the most favorite way of entertainment for the home in the Internet,, ranked 90 after the first self evaluation of the three as well as independence and struggle in the top 30.5%.

home in the Internet to become the biggest label after 90, we are more sensitive to the mobile terminal traffic, they will often view the background, to prevent malicious software to steal traffic. Occasionally go out to eat, the evaluation criteria are not delicious or not, but the restaurant is free WiFi!

(Resourse: market and media research center, Peking University, 2015)

4, 90 boys than girls who are more willing to buy clothes and shoes on Tmall. In Tmall, men’s purchase preference for 49%, 35% women; men’s shopping preferences for 40%, 31% for women’s shoes.

90 people in China about 140 million, accounting for about 11.7% of the country’s total population. After 90 groups monthly online shopping spending 24 billion yuan, of which the majority of the amount of Taobao. Like the house and like to highlight the personality of 90, online shopping has become their first choice. And don’t go out to play basic necessities of life, more get 90 boys welcome.

(ComScore "China 90 after the network behavior investigation report")

5, 90 after the worship of the business elite in the world, the leader of the great man followed by the following is 31.2% of the year of the year of the year after the year of. In the business elite, Ma prestige highest, 75.3%, Bill Gates, 61.3%, Ma Huateng, 41%.

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