cut into marriage by marriage, from closed to open, can become a new growth point of marriage website


Xiao Ning | paper

May 11th, the twists and turns of the organiser finally landed on the U.S. Nasdaq, became China " dating website " shares, and first; then make network should also have been listed on the news. For a time, many years of love and marriage website has become the focus of attention in and outside the industry.

looks like the development of marriage website is very beautiful. But the reality is that many people are not optimistic about the prospects for the development of marriage website. Jiayuan shortly after opening it suffered a break, a decline of 9.09%, but also to a certain extent verified " on dating sites; money worries ".

and the focus is nothing more than a dating website " Qiantu; " whether the long-term bullish? From the capital market point of view, Chinese 3 largest dating sites – Jiayuan, Lily network, most cherished network finance is in five or six years ago, in recent years, more attention to the capital market is rare. This is the root cause lies in the business model and profit model is not a lot of innovation and breakthrough.

In fact,

is also the case, the business model of dating sites in recent years and no fundamental change. Because of the registered members of the site the purpose is very clear, the object is to find, but once found a match object right, leave the site immediately, user stickiness is especially poor, due to the loss of registered users, will naturally affect the site’s profit. More deadly is, even if 2010 Jiayuan registered users reached about 35000000, but the monthly average number of active only about 3700000; and the average monthly paying users only 55 million, payment ratio is only 1.6%, showing the user willingness to pay is not particularly strong. This has seriously affected the further enhance the profitability of marriage website.

there is a little worrying, with an ageing population Chinese trend is increasingly obvious, from 2000 to 2010 10 years, net population growth of 73 million 900 thousand, compared to 1990 to 2000 10 years, China’s net population growth of 130 million. After the first 10 years, the net growth of the population decreased by about 56 million over the previous 10 years. Obviously, this also shows that the total number of people in the age of marriage in the continuous reduction.

in the face of such a situation, can not help but make a profit on the marriage site questioned. Love and marriage website in the end there is " Qian Lu " love marriage website in the end how will the development of


reconstruction of industrial chain

generally believe that only the market capacity is large enough to produce a relatively large enterprises, which can only grow in the sea and whale will not grow in lakes or ponds is a reason. Overall, the ceiling of the marriage market where?