July 18th, the public security organs "e rent treasure" in cases of ad hoc group of cases of illegal fund-raising investor registration information platform "released" e rent treasure case announcement (six) ", bulletin e rent treasure case investors apply for identity information review has ended. Informed and mentioned that the judicial audit of e leased treasure is being carried out in order to start the audit of investment information as soon as possible.


according to the announcement, the application identity information review period has been closed on July 13th, the public security authorities are to review the application and registration of new investors identity information audit, and the audit results feedback as soon as possible.

prior to June 13th, the registration platform has released "e rent treasure case announcement" (five), announcement shows investors registration identity information audit has been completed, to feedback, feedback "through" investors can apply for a review from June 13th to July 13th. Thus published in July 18th is the identity of the investor information of the second audit.

in April 27th of this year, the State Council Office held to prevent and dispose of illegal fund-raising legal policy advocacy forum, the material provided at the meeting, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate disclosed the investigation and investigation of the situation of e rental treasure.

according to the conference materials, e a total of users involved in the rental of treasure, the cumulative recharge of $58 billion 175 million, a total investment of 74 billion 511 million yuan. About 1 billion 500 million of them were actually used by Ding Ning to give gifts to his wife, lover, employees and individuals.

the actual controller Ding Ning involving financial fraud, crime of illegal deposits from the public, the crime of illegal possession of firearms, illegal organization others to illegally cross the national border (frontier) four sins border crimes, in January 14th this year has been approved the arrest.

Xinhua news agency had previously disclosed that E has 21 people in the case of Bao Bao was arrested, involving funds of $50 billion.