Admin5 station network December 15th news: Recently, the webmaster in QQ and micro-blog group of Guangdong, Chongqing and other places broke, tongguanju again at the end of communication to the site for the record information authenticity verification work carried out. There is a website running for up to five years, due to fill in the contact information and contact information is inconsistent with the current record was canceled. There is also a personal blog for the record and the actual information received by the communications authority website is temporarily closed, but in a timely manner to improve the record information to restore the site visit. Stationmaster net edits to remind everyone that the end is approaching, Ofcom will likely start a new round of record information authenticity verification work, should be timely checking the site record information for the record information verification of the authenticity of the webmaster, if there is any change in the telephone, address and other contact information, should contact the local administration and communication IDC change, in order to avoid the problems caused by information web sites to visit, bring unnecessary losses to the site.


October 13th network owners have reported that the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority website for individuals filing issued new regulations, from October 10, 2011 onwards, the personal website registration application site number more than five, the organizer shall provide documents, website building program, related domain name registration certificate mailed my bureau for verification. Two, personal record "verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record", the undertaking content shall be responsible for the website personally hand. Although the new regulations did not implemented nationwide, but from around the end of the thorough investigation of the record information authenticity verification site related record information can be seen in the future will more strictly. Not only website for more detailed information perfect, verification of frequency is also increased. The number of individual website owners will also be limited. Some owners complain about filing policy and contact information inconstant in policy, will often change, so the record was canceled feel very unjust. So I hope in filing a policy of continuous improvement and verification work there can give some webmaster buffer to amend and improve the filing information is not true phenomenon. (text / Yang Yang)

Guangdong personal website for the record number of new regulations over 5 must improve the information