today at ADMIN5: "blood report COM domain name price hikes N the /article/20071016/58910.shtml  the


this is an article that anger, guilt is totally unwarranted, I a refutation (
I will not say he like "COM domain and many of the so-called American manufacturing, often with" international "in the name of…", only the domain name with the registration authority)

1, COM domain name unexpectedly so unprovoked, said Rose

: really??? September has released a message, you can search the international domain name price "online news

2, which is in charge of the COM domain name registration services, U.S. commercial companies, in fact, has a military background and the background of the Ministry of Commerce

barge: Verisign is not ICANN, please clear, how not to say and FBI, CIA have a relationship?

3, we can calculate a bill, the global all Verisign’s products are based on the original price, income of hundreds of millions of dollars on the moment to add a


barge: in October 15th this year, the wholesale price of.Com domain name will be raised from $6.42 to $6,.Net will be raised from $3.50 to $3.85. Two domain price gains were 7% and 10%. Now, Verisign’s domain name does not add up to 100 million, multiplied by the amount of the price, there are more than $100 million? (I’m not over, not so disorderly slander)

4, the price is getting higher and higher, the service should be getting better and better, more and more users have security, the result? Verisign told you, don’t even think about it. Whether it is undersea cable breaks, COM domain name can not be accessed, a lot of analytical problems

barge: and do not discuss the technical issues on the network (to be discussed on the deep), the cable is broken, we can visit 163, SOHU,, ADMIN5 and so on the site? (not to say that the site server in foreign sites, and the domain name will not matter) are used in the international domain name. Domain name resolution