] September 16th news billion state power network, the day before, there is a business to billion state power network broke the news that a well-known ERP software service providers to prepare for the double 11, poly spire upgrades in the name, raise fees, and to upgrade the order delay push "as an excuse to blackmail businesses.

according to businessmen reflect the service telephone sales staff said shortly after receiving double early 11 need to upgrade the software and the server, if you do not upgrade, poly spire orders push will delay, and every day will be limited in a single volume within 1000. "Upgrade it to pay, a period of 7 days, to 1400 dollars; 2 months it charges 3000 yuan; 3 months charges 4000 yuan."



in accordance with the description of the merchant, the other said that if you do not pay the upgrade, you can not guarantee the normal operation of the shop orders during the 11 double. In addition, originally signed an agreement with the service provider, a cycle of time is only 2 days, now turned into a day of 7 days.

double 11 doomed to allow businesses to prepare more money, but in addition to give the platform, but also can not be removed by the service provider layer skin." Merchants reluctantly said that some of the software service providers are often more expensive than before to buy software, maintenance costs are too high.

billion state power network connection Tmall poly spire information publishing platform, the official did not expressly require businesses to do the upgrade preparation. At the same time, to contact the E shop treasure, Guan Yi, Wang shop through several business software company ERP, said Tmall has not been informed about the upgrade, said it would not take similar measures to merchants and customers.

"a year to buy a Taobao server, poly spire is certainly due to renew. As a service provider, if there are 11 double period of service in the field, we usually require additional fees, after all employees involved travel, 24 hours of overtime costs etc.." The tube easily told billion state power network, will not the name of double 11 additional fees charged to merchants name.

According to

billion state power network to understand, usually double 11 on the eve of cram minority businesses. Especially for last year’s sales volume projections for this year’s sales situation, the server load requirements are quite large, therefore, the choice of expansion in the dual 11 before. "Last year to buy packages of poly spire is relatively low, this year for high-end, buy price on it."

pointed out that the electricity supplier software service providers who declined to be named to the billion state power network, double 11, the majority of recommendations to the chamber of commerce service businesses, to assess the user orders, and remind the seller to do the upgrade risk, but not forcing customers to buy.

, after all, is the need for customers to pay, as a service provider no reason to do harm to customers." Easy aspects of the tube, the company will even bear part of the cost, in each year before the purchase of a group of 11 centralized standby server, there are customers >