"on the eve of double eleven", Yin, general manager Fang Jianhua and his staff to play a game of gambling, gambling is the object of daily sales in November 11, 2012 "singles day" the Yin man. Fang Jianhua to the team’s goal is to "protect 45 million red 55 million, but his team believes that this goal is too low, at 80 million.

with conservative attitude as well as Tmall CEO Zhang Yong. The president of the CFO who thought Tmall, "singles day" challenge 10 billion is difficult, but was "going to the superior subordinate reminds a coefficient", don’t let the bet lost.

finally, Yan man completed the daily sales of 70 million, Tmall sold 13 billion 200 million in 24 hours, but behind Ali, completed 19 billion 100 million of the total sales.

this gap, in each year’s double eleven will appear. November 11th has become the carnival of Alibaba and even the entire electricity industry in china. Through the 50 percent off promotions, double eleven is also an annual test, constantly challenging the bottom line of China’s e-commerce".


chose 11.11

time back to 4 years ago, Tmall is also called Taobao mall, Jingdong has not risen, Suning Gome also focus on traditional channels. The concept of "B2C" is far less familiar to consumers than it is today.

Zhang Yong said, "we had the idea is very simple, I hope to find a day, belonged to a Taobao mall, when Taobao mall is still very small, we hope to be able to let consumers know and love Taobao mall."

finally, the Zhang Yong team will set the date in November 11th. This is a line of retail space period, "before the National Day golden week, after the Christmas season, November is not what traditional activities. 11 days, it is because the day is a point spread, so two years ago we called big promotion day."

2009 double eleven, Taobao mall completed a turnover of 52 million.

at that time, Fang Jianhua, general manager of the African man feel that double eleven is just a promotional activities. "In the end how much can be sold, Tmall did not count, businesses do not count, but said to engage in sales." Yan man flagship cotton clothing products.

for the first time, he had less than a month’s time, hear to participate in the activities of the goods to hit 50 percent off, "feeling is clear some stuff, think is very simple," he finally picked up some "sales pressure is relatively large when the season, to participate in activities.

"in fact, they estimate the difference is very far from our estimates, the first year that 1 million can be very good. The goal of our team is to protect the 2 million Chong 3 million, but then made a 6 million 800 thousand." Fang Jianhua recalled that at that time there is no way to judge is expected to exceed what is the cause of the first year because sky cat executives do not know exactly how much can be done.