recently, according to the third party data statistics agency CNZZ released 2010 e-commerce industry website year-end inventory, the report shows that in 2010 the national e-commerce transaction volume will exceed $4 trillion. Where the group buying site from March officially born to the end of the year, thousands of sites for China’s online retail market sales contribution of about 2 billion yuan, and continue to maintain a CAGR of 18%.

it is understood that the rapid development of e-commerce has become an important engine to promote cloud computing applications landing. China Institute of electronics, cloud computing expert committee secretary Lin said lubricating e-commerce application is a breakthrough, Chinese cloud computing industry.

at present, from the electronic commerce "originator" enterprise Alibaba, to the newly B2B upstart Dunhuang network, has been walking in the air. And not only these e-commerce giants, the use of cloud host awesome e-commerce has become a consensus of many small business owners.

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from Chinese million net, since the launch of front cloud host, has been successfully applied in the community forums, petrochemical, white, foreign trade, clothing and other different industries, including e-commerce users accounted for a large proportion, such as vaakav group, Pandora I, group purchase love you. In this regard, analysis Chinese vice president Zhang Benwei "to" network, cloud hosting "as the representative of the Internet technology can well support force necessary in the development of electronic commerce in the stage.

e-commerce is usually low discount, rich products to attract the majority of Internet users sought after and patronize. But the problem is, from traffic analysis electronic commerce, with a sudden and strong concurrency, if not ready foolproof server technology, in the face of many Internet users while landing at the request of network and slow jams, there will be serious downtime. For example, in June 11, 2010, Jingdong mall due to holiday promotions, increase the amount of visits lead to paralysis of the site, up to three hours, up to tens of millions of economic losses.

cloud computing of high stability, high reliability, high security, just to solve the problem of e-commerce, cloud computing cloud hosting capacity is 4 times that of an independent server, you can easily deal with unexpected traffic." In addition, based on a huge server cluster cloud host, all the hardware redundancy, failure rate dropped to the lowest point, it can be said that the user can hardly feel the occurrence of hardware failure." Vice President Zhang Benwei said Chinese civilink. Application of "cloud hosting since the person in charge from the performance to the network are very good" vaakav group told reporters.

in this regard, the industry also said that this year is the first year of 12th Five-Year planning and implementation of the key, according to the draft plan, is expected to 2015, e-commerce transactions will quadruple in GDP, a substantial increase in the contribution rate, there is no doubt that the application of cloud computing in electronic commerce will accelerate.

also said that in the long run, cloud computing vendors need to provide more and more basic services for e-commerce vendors, including databases, virtual storage, data >