Finally IPO

Jingdong, the Jingdong in order to know that IPO has been eager for a fight waiting for nearly five years, although at the end of 2013, Liu Qiang east also once and the media playing hide and seek, said in 2014 the Jingdong is not listed, and not rushing to a Alibaba listed, until 2015 at the earliest, but did not want to go to the Jingdong IPO the United States is not listed in Ali’s back, but rushed in front of Ali, once let the media industry rush.

Jingdong as the second largest electricity provider platform, has been able to challenge a numerous industry as the electricity supplier Tmall and Jingdong is the bright younger generation, in ten years, in the ten years of operation in almost did not get much profit, but his big scale, of course, this is also a lot of investment risk and PE support not unrelated, but in the ten years of operation, the Jingdong have already replaced Tencent as a powerful challenge of Tmall’s competitors, but the discretion of Jingdong is not enough, only in terms of logistics accounted for a certain advantage.

But how to

from the flow, from the supplier on the scale, from the category and payment systems are very difficult to compete with Tmall, it is so Jingdong hopes through the listing to raise funds in the hope to carry out the new development, especially the development of mobile Internet has become the new hope of Jingdong to beat Tmall, but this hope Tencent and even have a close relationship. According to industry sources, the Tencent will subscribe to 5% Jingdong in the name of investment company shares, although the proportion is not high, but the market size reached $8 billion 800 million, there are nearly 450 million investment Tencent, in order to make the investment as a boondoggle, will provide enough support in the relevant traffic access.

in the fact that Liu Qiangdong has been listed before and Tencent have reached a tacit understanding, as in the Tencent once he summon wind and call for rain, to imitate what profit model, competitors have now Tencent will tremble with fear, but to brood on 360 and Alibaba, because in the more than and 10 years of imitation career, not only the field of security and move the field of electronic business, has become his biggest flaw, but the Tencent in the mobile Internet traffic entrance again occupy the initiative, believe that Tencent will not make the electricity in the Internet field once PC mistakes again.

because the Tencent chose disguised cooperation and Jingdong, the Tencent has obvious advantage in traffic management, but also has advantages, but apparently not in the business operation business thinking, so choose and have the electricity supplier gene Jingdong will solve the bottleneck of oneself, and for Jingdong, selection and Tencent is also an effective way to solve the bottleneck, it is natural to two fellow sufferers each one takes what he needs it.

but the Jingdong and Tencent cooperation can continue and really form a partner, many industry experts also said that, because the Jingdong if bound Tencent WeChat mobile Internet strategy, the competitive landscape in the future, traffic entrance clearly belong to the upstream industry, if >