plans to market supplies, marketers need to consider the five product levels. Each level has added more customer value, they constitute the customer value hierarchy, the most basic level is the core interests: the basic services or interests of customers really buy.

in the second level, marketers must be the core interests into basic products, that is, the basic form of the product.

At the third level, the

prepares a desired product, that is, when a buyer purchases a product, a set of properties and conditions that are usually desired and default.

At the fourth level, the

prepares an additional product that includes increased services and benefits.

is a potential product at the fifth level, that is, all the additional parts of the product that may eventually be realized and the future will be converted.

if the retail network as a service product, most retail network operators provide retail services is defined in third levels — expected products. It is not difficult to understand why Taobao sellers or independent B2C, are trying to beautify the integrity, product quality and commitment to give all aspects.

the true level of additional products should be based on the consumer’s overall consumption system, the user access, use, repair and processing of products on the behavior of the transfer of more consumer surplus. And if from a retail system, similar to the establishment of more warehouses, faster delivery system can only be counted in the user’s expectations. Because, after all, is now just a module of the system, in addition, there is no independent B2C which can provide the most valuable user experience on the user’s product access.

and similar candy fashion and other independent B2C site, which is not simply selling women’s clothing online, but as a major media to provide a wide range of information and services. It can be seen as a very good service to improve the level of user expectations. In fact, this as a famous saying: not in the sales steak — but in the sales of hissing sound. In fact, many times we care about is not limited to the product itself, but the increase in product form, such as service, advertising, customer consultation, delivery and other aspects, there are large Maiduhaizhu italy.

but I think the need for rational positioning in the product and potential product settings. After all, every new product and service needs the appropriate input, and if the investment is beyond the normal operating range of profits can be borne, then these services still need to be passed on to consumers. This will make the online retail companies fall into the curse of the wheel theory.

but according to the characteristics of the Internet, we can distinguish between product services and pricing. In order to guard against the possibility that when the company raises the price for its additional products, some of its rivals may be in the opposite direction, and use the basic service to impact the service provider with high level products. For the marginal cost of the higher service we can consider it to segment charges, we can provide users with after-sales service >