recently, Shanghai Suning courier Zhang in a 1 and a half years old child buy three milk customers door-to-door delivery, ZhiNiaoKu carrying XL and L, there is no need to ask each other, and are willing to sell below the market price of 10 yuan price. It is understood that this is Suning is currently trying to get through the online and offline data mining under the implementation of the forecast marketing". This also means that Suning will be a lot of online shopping mall on the page to recommend the customer may be interested in goods to the doorstep.

big data model to predict customer demand

is a member of Miss Xia, the previous 6 months, she continued in the to buy a certain brand of milk powder. According to its browsing records, she has repeatedly visited 1 months of infant clothing and other products. The recent 3 months, basically every month in the online shopping, diapers.

According to

, the prediction of Suning large data model, Miss Xia will buy again in the king of diapers, and other goods to buy milk, diapers let Suning courier carry Zhang often buy home "brand marketing forecast".

Miss Xia in the sign after the milk and other goods, Zhang took out a good brand of diapers packaging. "This is the diapers recommended to you according to your buying habits of our system, you need to have


listen to Miss Xia Zhang system help process orders of goods after said just there for a week to buy related products, accept the courier’s recommendation, scene card bought Suning advance orders, packaged goods.

had also received a number of phone calls to recommend the purchase of goods, but worried about false, did not care. The Suning directly brought goods, although some accidents, but it is also in their own purchase plan, so bought. Suning has more perfect customer service, even if not satisfied, can also return, so not much fits me such a menace from the rear, "lazy"."

said Su Ning, the maternal and child products as an example, through the customer’s consumption rate of baby milk powder, to determine the initial weight, and determine the time according to the demand cycle to buy diapers, and every time the total amount of shopping habits and a series of data, finally get the possible needs a diaper size and type.

courier delivery, but also additional gifts or extra discount. In order to determine what to bring the goods to your door, Suning membership analysts may refer to previous payment orders, merchandise search marks, add to cart goods, single commodity browsing time and so on the Internet behavior, to determine the demand for products.

two consumption success rate of more than 5%

began in May 20th, Suning in Shanghai, Beijing, 5000 customers choose the first time to try to predict marketing". According to the results of Suning test that day, there are more than 260 customers through this forecast marketing produced a two consumption, accounting for