recently, the State Post Bureau issued a courier service data during the Spring Festival, from January 27th to February 2nd, the National Express business volume totaled 13 million 750 thousand, representing an increase of 19.86% over the same period last year. At the same time, the Jingdong launched a number of unprecedented "Spring Festival closing" logistics initiatives during the Spring Festival this year, invested a total of 150 thousand passengers capacity to ensure service delivery, delivery scope, the logistics orders, the amount of consumption over the same period last year has substantial growth and a leading peer.


large logistics covering the city doubled to 446

during the Spring Festival this year, small and medium-sized Jingdong logistics network covering 110 big city, covering 446 city and county level city, cold chain covering 69 City, and Jingdong in Beijing, Shanghai and other 15 core city 211 (day or the next day) to ensure the operation efficiency. It is worth mentioning that the number of large logistics network covering the number of cities and counties from 226 last year to expand this year, the number of 446, an increase of. Cold chain logistics network covering the number of cities increased from 25 to 69, an increase of more than 1.7 times.


North Canton people love the Spring Festival shopping, users spend 570 thousand online shopping 200 gold bars

in the logistics support, Jingdong data show that this year the number of users, buy special purchases for the Spring Festival orders, the amount of consumption is two times over the same period last year. While in the country, during the Spring Festival City single volume is the largest in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing Chaoyang District, headed by a single volume, amount of orders a few days to reach hundreds of thousands of people, Chaoyang again domineering leakage. While a user in Beijing spent 570 thousand to buy the 10G gold bars, the Spring Festival this year, Jingdong platform on the most expensive one order.

, of course, will these goods to thousands of households or Jingdong distribution brother, during the Spring Festival this year, the Jingdong has invested a total of 150 thousand passengers capacity, while the Jingdong’s brother distribution to carry forward the "workaholic" spirit. New year’s day, the national Jingdong delivery staff daily travel more than 60 kilometers, the Hubei Xiangyang Nanzhang station distribution staff, due to the distance between the two town 260 km round-trip delivery, delivery eight days total mileage to 2045 km; on a single volume, Shandong Province, Jining city station, a full power distribution. One day, a single distribution volume reached 822; on the performance of Jingdong in Jiangxi, a little distribution half a month income reached 16194 yuan, becoming the Jingdong staff "performance king"; on the regional and the speed of the Jingdong in the first born chicken yield on New Year’s day at zero o’clock, the user from Guangxi to Nanning, buy mini Bluetooth wireless headset and lanyard, 45 minutes by unpacking, and Beijing Tongzhou District users buy red rice NOTE4, 12 minutes is tuotou, become the Jingdong during the Spring Festival, the fastest delivery orders. It is worth mentioning that, black Technology >