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China economic development, where to go, every one who cares about China economic people have their own views, some people say that the government does not respond to the development of the Internet such support, because the development of their damage to the real economy, but to the survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in natural selection of evolutionary theory, it is not the rapid development of economy in order to form the most suitable for the future development direction of the best? The author is the Institute of Humanities and economics researcher Chen Xingjie.


A few days ago

I and friends for dinner on the restaurant outside the window to see the streams of people busily coming and going downtown. The evening is the room downstairs peak electric way, a school of life. We naturally talk about the courier UAV, a hot topic in recent years. Friends are very optimistic, he predicted a few years later will be replaced by a large number of uavs. Call for reservations, 15 minutes after lunch, from the window slowly flew. I looked at the outside market, imagine floating in the sky package, lunch boxes, the face of a friend’s smile, revealing a skepticism. He said you don’t believe it.

I said, I do not understand the other, it is not easy to control air traffic, the government to control the masses do not agree. People walk on the ground, express the sky, you can stand it, he said, a good solution to the technical problems, the death of the law has changed the living. Can you imagine the train runs 350 kilometers ten years ago? The whole train like flying close to the ground, the visual feeling really scary. Listen to the people, but also what entrepreneurs and engineers do.

although I still have doubts about the UAV, the way he sees the world I agree. Entrepreneurs face the future, efforts to explore, hard work, and constantly find problems, solve problems, this is enough. They grope in their dark fields, expand the boundaries of light, as to create a magnificent picture, only to look back to see.

in recent years I have been asking myself to look at the world from the perspective of entrepreneurs (although only writers). In the face of new things, new products, only considering the actual problems it faced, which is a knot, which can be solved. I don’t know what the world should look like. The boom will soon fade, and the future is still brewing. I don’t know what the future holds. I only know that entrepreneurs lead the era will not be too bad. They can bring great benefits to the world successfully, once the most failed to lose himself, and not the scourge of the earth. This mechanism to create a new world, how can it go?

these words I think most people would agree, however, the circle of friends of sensational bad article still popular. Ma Yun in the destruction of the real economy, the Internet bubble economy, electricity providers are destroying the manufacturing sector…… To sum up a showstopper argument, breaking the rules, with the economic structure of the shallow, low quality of existing rolling. The entrepreneur is selfish, only care to maximize the interests of the company in the industry, ignoring the interests of the whole society, long-term interests, look long would be disastrous.

to talk about the absurdity of such a view, we don’t give workers a boycott