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Su ningyun recently announced plans to carry out banking business impact factors, September 24th closed up to the recent high of 13.21 yuan, the market value of 97 billion 500 million yuan. After two days, its share price has been adjusted, the 26 closed at $11.77. In June 25th, the company’s share price was as low as 4.56 yuan, corresponding to the market value of $33 billion 600 million. This small board once the bear shares less than one hundred days, the market value of the growth of nearly three times, approaching one hundred billion yuan.

now Su ningyun shares, has been restored to the end of July last year set by two subscribers — Zhang Jindong wholly owned subsidiary of Nanjing Rundong Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing Rundong investment") and Beijing Hony brand new equity investment center (hereinafter referred to as "Hong Yitou.") the subscription price of 12.15 yuan. At that time, the market is willing to adhere to both the market price of more than 30% of the price increase is expected to be completed, after more than a year of twists and turns, the stock market may have been convincing.

in Jindong, because the stock price continued to decline to have an additional stock pledge embarrassment also disappeared, he also significantly ease the pressure on the stock pledge.

recent surge in this wave, the reporter also found that in the case of the banking business to carry out heavy news release shortly before the company executives holdings two times is very precise, the holdings of shares has been floating profit of $48 million 130 thousand.

Zhang Jindong was forced to pledge additional equity

before this round of price increases, Suning shares down for a long time, the pressure on Zhang Jindong considerable." In September 26th, a long-term concern of Su ningyun Beijing private sources told reporters.


back in July 7, 2012, Su ningyun stock is still referred to as "Suning Appliance

that time, the company said it has completed the 2011 non-public offering, the issue of shares will be listed in July 10th. Interestingly, the price of 12.15 yuan per share increased relative to the stock was 8.5 yuan of market price of nearly 30%.

had also been involved in the addition of Xinhua life insurance. But the latter in the face of 30% before the final did not choose to participate. Thus, the number of Suning Appliance issued by 453 million shares fell to 387 million shares, raising funds from the planned $5 billion 500 million to $4 billion 700 million.

that time, for the outside world, Hirotake, President of investment, said Zhao Linghuan, Suning investment is based on the value of the money, but not to earn two market, so the market does not care about the performance of the two market, and therefore, the performance of the market is not a concern for the market, said the president of the investment market in china. Suning shares in the future will be much higher than 12.15 yuan."

for the subscription of non-public offering of shares, in early June 2012, Zhang Jindong will be held 630 million 500 thousand shares pledged, accounting for the total share capital of 9.01%. Zhang Jindong original shareholding ratio of 27.9%, after the completion of the subscription, the proportion of direct and indirect holdings of Zhang Jindong to increase to 30.34%, the investment is holding 1.34%>