daily news (intern reporter Chen Jing) news, Groupon CEO Ren Chunlei financing failed to declare bankruptcy. But it has yet to pay off the debt, ready for the two venture. At present, the new treasure has begun to recruit.

it is understood that during the Spring Festival, Groupon is due to funding strand breaks, substantial layoffs. At the same time, the site also defaulted on the wages and salaries of employees. Since then, although the person in charge of the company announced that it has been jointly funded at home and abroad, will gradually repay the wages and salaries of employees. But at present, there are still many businesses and employees in arrears for. In addition, the group has not yet paid off its partner Focus Media and hundreds of millions of Ma online debt.

however, Ren Chunlei is two business rumors are rampant. According to informed sources, the new group treasure has begun recruiting new employees. Including editing, design, sales and other positions.

in fact, the Groupon business subject is the Republic of atlanta. Prior to industry speculation, Ren Chunlei as Aveda Republic, Groupon (Chinese Corporation) two companies, Ren Chunlei intends to change the corporate Republic Aveda and filed for bankruptcy. At the same time, the Groupon business transferred to Groupon (Chinese), staged "jinchantuoqiao" help "new round treasure" tide. However, Ren Chunlei said in a statement, "Groupon (China) Agel Ecommerce Ltd is before us according to VIE structure established in accordance with the law, and some of the" jinchantuoqiao act irrelevant "".