(Pay with Amazon) Amazon payment button Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 9th morning news, Amazon on Tuesday at the Money2020 emerging payments and Financial Services Conference launched a "Amazon login and payment" (Login and Pay with Amazon) service, through the integration of the mode of payment button in the corporate website with PayPal, and credit card competition.

this new service has been integrated into the Amazon has been launched payment services and new login services, in order to achieve one-stop network payment solutions. The business indicates that Amazon wants to occupy a greater voice in the online payment business, thereby causing a threat to the choice of third party payment.

"Amazon has 215 million active user accounts," Amazon paid vice president of business Tom · Taylor (Tom Taylor) said, "Amazon login and payment" can put our millions of users into their own user."

when the site to enable this service, the user in the checkout process in addition to see the credit card and the PayPal button, you can also choose to pay with Amazon button.

Amazon long ago to provide payment services that can guide users to visit the Amazon site, in order to authorize a one-time or repeated payment rights. Raise public website Kickstarter enabled this feature. Earlier this year, Amazon has launched the Amazon login service, enabling this feature sites, games and applications will allow users to use Amazon’s user name and password login. As the button to achieve a seamless integration, coupled with the high security of the Amazon payment system, and deployment of oAuth technology is very simple, so this feature will be attractive to developers and consumers.

Amazon has a user credit card account is only next to apple, which reached 575 million. In addition to Amazon, Facebook and Google are also trying to convert the login information into payment channels.

with this feature, you can achieve seamless mobile payment on the website, Kindle, iOS and Android platform. For transactions greater than $10, the fee is 2.9% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee of $0.30 per. (Yu