Chen Xiangdong, 24 years old, graduated from Henan Commercial College, worked for a year in Zhejiang express, this year’s Spring Festival later to Zhengzhou, opened the Taobao store to sell shoes. He is on the Internet to contact customers every day, then go to Zhengzhou city to take the goods, the scene good day 40 single shipment, the difference of the time there are 10 single. He said: do Taobao let him feel very engaged, is a person too tired, have to find a customer service as a helper, so as to expand the scale".

Ye Yanping, husband working in a Internet Co in Zhengzhou, she opened a Taobao shop at home, in the circle of a minor celebrity, because her family is Taobao crown shop, mainly engaged in apparel and knitwear, red crown she spent a year and a half, the nearest target to the highest level of the Taobao store Jinguan shock. She said: Chong Jinguan needs 500 thousand praise, we are now more than 20 thousand, currently stores 4 full-time part-time a far enough.

Li Dongming, Zhengzhou ESEY home e-commerce leader, ESEY experience in the field of e-commerce well-known Taobao home, the first category, every self Tmall shop plus distribution system Taobao shop, daily sales volume can reach hundreds of thousands, double last year’s eleven, they can never break. The target for this year is several times last year, but let Li Dongming sigh: not to mention the professional management talent, is 3500 yuan a month to recruit staff so that they can not be satisfied, and no professional talents, sales can not be sustained stable at a high level.

has the same confusion with them, and the Henan Province Network Marketing Association Secretary General Lei Liming, he said in Guangdong, Shenzhen is a village (also called the villagers Group), every e-commerce shipments can reach 30 thousand, which is almost the shipments we Henan several large commercial enterprises. Our enterprise in Henan does not lack good products, is the lack of scale, in order to achieve this scale, we have Henan province e-commerce Industrial Park, Taobao group also signed with the Alibaba Henan Museum, Henan Alibaba characteristics Industrial Zone project cooperation, everything is ready, only less talent, not skilled e-commerce professionals, scale it is very difficult to do.

twenty-first Century, what is the most expensive?.

what is the most lacking in Henan?.


the provincial government work desk is ranked first in the electronic commerce, the Secretary General Lei dawn is currently involved in the drafting of the "Henan Province, the development of 2013-2020 e-commerce platform", and he knew that one of the most worrying is how to effectively cultivate tens of thousands of Henan e-commerce professionals.

therefore, river river hall, Henan Province Network Marketing Association, joint Allen talent network, Henan workplace social platform 3 Sharon, the first venture in Henan jointly held a coffee themed coffee WITHUB banner in Henan Province set up e-commerce training base for foreign trade school, Zhengzhou Normal University and other colleges and universities through the association, should cultivate one hundred thousand talents for electronic commerce Henan, Henan electricity supplier dream, is no longer a dream.

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