at home, click the mouse, you can buy goods from all over the world, as long as the price of domestic counter 33% off or even lower, sometimes also "pick up" to foreign limited edition merchandise, save money, save time and effort in this way of shopping is now Master are most enthusiastic of the sea Amoy purchasing". But in fact, looks very beautiful, purchasing is a bumpy road full of thorns, which there are traps?.

is called the international big name is actually domestic cottage goods

is a group of "80" "90" young people, using the network of cross-border sales of counterfeit trademark products, within a few years the business turned from a "small workshop" to "big company", the average monthly sales of 2 million yuan, the cumulative amount is as high as 7 million yuan…… This is not the plot of the novel, but the real case of Shanghai police recently cracked.

suspects Miao introduced, they obtain overseas customer orders by email and online message mode, a hand from Guangdong, Fujian fake brand bags, watches, jewelry and other goods, on the other hand by courier transport to the north of Guangzhou and other places, and then express to the outside. "We sell LV packages, Ray-Ban glasses, Nike shoes, and Tiffany, we can say that the plant is defective, the quality is certainly no problem, on average a day is about one hundred single." In fact, these so-called international brands are from Guangdong and other places they custom knockoff. "If a customer questioned selling, we will back a little bit, back 10% or 20%, because it is international freight, back to back a lot of trouble, the guests will generally accept the refund, then no complaints." Miao said.

criminals counterfeit brand-name, deceptive, let the unidentified customers in the dark, the same "dumb" and in the circle of friends in the business of micro business shuabing.

is a victim Joe miss the release of information goods through the WeChat micro circle of friends, through the micro-blog search, ID for the "French pony purchasing" buyers caught her eye. Claiming to study in France, the suspect Zhao can purchase luxury goods abroad, a full range. That night, the two sides reached a long-term cooperation intention, there is "customers" on the Joe miss, and pay five thousand yuan deposit, Joe Miss then contacted the French buyers, the next few days, the "customer" to contact Miss Joe required to purchase brand-name shoes and all have paid the deposit, Joe miss also made full payment orders to the buyer claims from france. We want to do some big names from this list, but lost contact with the buyer, at the same time, the "customer" disappeared, Miss Jo realized that he entered the trap of others.

"suspect was used the three mobile phone, then the three micro signal at the same time, contact with the victim, is like a personal duet, as both buyers and sellers when." Police investigators said Wang police.

price, brand, counter small ticket?