during the 6 days of the twelfth fair ended yesterday, the Luohu Pavilion showcased the latest high technology area, a number of high-tech enterprises to show style in this fair, attracted many visitors and businesses eye. Especially, during the fair, Luohu District guide the area nearly 80 e-commerce companies signed the "Shenzhen Internet industry park member enterprise integrity Convention", in order to show the whole society, enterprises will be signed with the good faith management standards, to better serve the majority of online consumers, which undoubtedly has injected new vigor and vitality and healthy development of electronic area business.

Luohu pavilion features bright achievements

exhibition in Luohu, there is a new technology in particular, this is the Shenzhen sea energy communications equipment Limited by Share Ltd launched 3G wireless video surveillance technology. Due to the ease of use, simple operation and other characteristics, the future of this technology will undoubtedly become an effective helper for many years in the crowd.

according to the company responsible Wang Hailong introduction, 3G network based on wireless video monitoring system, its biggest advantage is not limited by time and space, whether it is in the remotest corners of the globe, or during the day or night, as long as the 3G network signal, you can monitor the home all by hand and machine instructions. He for example, the installation of wireless video monitoring system at home, the equivalent of Sun Wukong with golden drew a circle, a thief once you enter this circle, immediately monitoring system will send a picture and a text message to inform the owner, the owner after a simple operation, you can start the alarm device, and real-time monitoring and tracking picture. At the same time, the owner can also call the alarm call, so that thieves nowhere to hide.

also brought by the Shenzhen Pavilion in Luohu, Didi beauty environmental technology company is a high-tech product of lead-acid battery protector for promoting the concept of environmental protection and concern. Reporters saw at the booth, the new battery protector volume is only the size of the matchbox, weighing less than 100 grams, just connect it to the car battery, you can extend the battery life more than doubled. Test data show that the original can only run for about 3 hours of battery car, after the installation of this protector, endurance more than doubled.

because of this, in less than a week, to discuss cooperation matters of customers in a continuous line one, the U.S. venture capital institutions has entered into a collaboration with the company. Preliminary statistics, the company in the field during the fair turnover of nearly 6 million yuan, the intention of the contract amount of more than 10 million yuan.

said the venture, Adel jewelry launched the "e-commerce + store" business model in the appearance of a fair, immediately by the number of venture capital firms, of which 3 investment companies invested nearly 80 million yuan, to attract venture capital, Aidier champion. In addition, the solar photovoltaic lighting technology during the main jyal fair and also OCT Coast Entertainment Company signed a cooperation project of 10 million yuan, the company developed the PV-LED technology will be applied to.