"in the next ten years, net goods will be made in China, is the mainstream of the world." Following the "network", the chairman of the board Ma Alibaba brings a new concept of net goods.

18 – December 20, the Alibaba group will be held in Chengdu third annual net goods trade fair (hereinafter referred to as the "network"), the opening day, Ma will deliver a keynote speech, advocating "net goods era".

"net goods" concept is proposed in May this year, MA in Guangzhou held the first session of the network. According to Ma explained, "net goods", from the traditional channels of goods, "the concept of net goods from its channel, and the channel superiority of net goods to make profits to consumers, to the manufacturing industry; the nature of net goods is genuine goods at a fair price is our revolution, this mode of production, consumption revolution. It is the re division of wealth, the core net goods is against profits." This is the original intention of starting network.

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, the third network will have passed through 500 layers of screening quality exhibitors show new exotic products, exhibits include Home Furnishing supplies, clothing shoes and hats, toys and gifts, 3C electronics, food, automotive supplies, etc.. These exhibitors will negotiate docking with the presence of the fifty thousand Taobao good seller, through Taobao’s network channels to open up a vast domestic market, while Taobao’s big sellers will be here directly with the production of high quality manufacturers docking, not in the wholesale market to find sources but scorched by the flames, bypassing the layers of agents, directly from the manufacturer to the lowest price to take the goods.

obviously, the Alibaba and Taobao network resources together, realize the integration of e-commerce B2B2C whole industry chain. Alibaba official said: we want to use the largest export trading platform for domestic enterprises, directly for the country’s largest online consumer market supply, the purpose is to create export to domestic sales of ‘net goods through the canal’." It is understood that the Alibaba on the platform of 430 thousand foreign suppliers and more than 10 million registered users, for mining, with annual turnover of 100 billion yuan on Taobao domestic platform for the next line to meet "," net goods to provide genuine goods at a fair price in domestic market".

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, is committed to promoting the "network era" Ma has been regarded by many as a "trick", now, according to the latest release of the Alibaba group research center data, as of the first half of 2009, the number of network operators China has expanded to 63 million, the influence of increasing social economy. People no longer doubt, the development of electronic commerce has ten years before the rise of the network groups, entered the network era". Today, Ma boldly predicted that 2009 will become the first year of net goods, then the network will open the era of goods".

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Ma seems to be in line with the development of the network should be two stages: net goods is the era of the traditional channels of goods on the Internet to sell on the Internet; goods is the era of consumer demand customization, manufacturers flexible production, 2