August 17th, China Mobile G3 business innovation contest officially kicked off. To promote the development of 3G applications, this contest, China Mobile’s support for partners can be described as unprecedented.

to attract partners, do not income

mobile value-added service since 2002 after China Mobile’s Monternet platform since the beginning, has never been charged more than 15% cooperation into, even if the annual theme is no exception. But this time, China Mobile will waive the epoch-making 3G highway on all their toll free period, and

for a whole year!

this policy for all SP/CP, is tantamount to free cake: as long as the user is willing to pay for mobile phone users, CP/SP can achieve zero channel cost direct". Although the free period is only a year, but as long as the product line has a long life cycle, with the number of users continues to rise, when operators start charging, SP/CP of revenue is not only increasing, this is entirely from the incubator mode, training partner. Free China Mobile cooperation into policy, and not on the "stand-alone" type of software download is given "exception" definition, this also shows that China Mobile culture is not only the online application, including download service to download will bring traffic.

do not pay, training partners

China Mobile aspects of non pay refers to China Mobile will provide IVVR, SIMS, VGOP and a series of technology, management, operational platform. To build this platform, China Mobile has invested heavily. In order to strategy, China Mobile will not consider the cost of recycling platform, or that this series of research and development platform will be included as a subset of the unified platform G3.

in order to make a series of partners familiar with this platform, China Mobile said that the partners "will be provided by China Mobile systems, norms, standards of service and support, this means that China Mobile will engineer for many partners to provide training services.

"offbeat", G3 will serve as the District of

year, Shenzhen and other special economic zones as China’s reform and opening up the outpost, access to the main support lies in policy. Now, G3 will become China Mobile’s many businesses in the sar". China Mobile made it clear that China Mobile will provide "one station to Qi declaration", "declaration number, tariff, line of business from the existing China Mobile cooperation management policy constraints, as long as it is a good business can be declared". In this way, will bring unprecedented convenience to the partners to declare the work of the evaluation of the specific business is clear in advance "cat theory" — as long as it is a good business


spare no effort to promote good products

good business can not only smooth on the line, China Mobile will also provide a full network of collaborative marketing strategy, including: providing mobile portal, TD terminal >