B2c mall in China has been everywhere on the Internet, this upsurge is still rising. The author in the operation of small B2C Mall for a short period of time to discuss the contents of the small B2C mall competitor analysis.

user experience analysis:

user experience for a profit, want to retain the importance of customers is self-evident. Personally think that the B2C mall operators to analyze competitors must analyze competitors mall site user experience. As for the user experience which includes the author before the A5 submission in detail: http://s.www.admin5.com/plus/view.php? Aid=313792 interested friends can see.

competitive merchandise analysis:

mall commodity is mainly in the price, quality of goods, commodity characteristics, commodity after-sales service. In general, the price difference is not great, there may be differences in the cost of shipping, additional promotions. Therefore, in the analysis of the mall competitors this detail can not be ignored, to know that consumers are often the most easily touched by these small things. As for the quality of the goods we have not bought a competitor’s products, the quality of the goods can not be accurately known only through the comments of customers, some of the relevant comments on the Internet speculation. A large part of the characteristics of goods in addition to the commodity itself there is a commodity packaging. Visual packaging and packaging of goods.

commercial customer service service is an important factor to influence the purchase decision of the consumers purchase goods online decision-making, so the analysis can rival goods customer service service process and quality is the visitors "love a flower" customer service service is also crucial.

mall website SEO analysis

for the vast majority of sites, the search engine is the main source of traffic intersection, visitors matching degree is relatively high quality of access is relatively high. The mall conversion is the right way so essential for search engine optimization. It is necessary to analyze the optimization of the search engine on the website. Whether or not there is a special competition to optimize the professional staff, etc.. Optimization analysis of project content many mall, mainly from the title, keywords, original content, chain, internal links in terms of analysis, not repeat them here.

mall promotion marketing analysis

mall operators have a profit to be able to sell goods, marketing means essential. Analysis of competitors’ marketing methods, combined with the characteristics of their own mall, to make countermeasures. Mall competitors are using web promotion, search engine marketing, SNS marketing, advertising propaganda and so on. At the same time, through these channels can also be seen competitors financial resources are strong, marketing professional.

rival mall strategic core

a successful enterprise, the company must have its core strategic intent, and the purpose of