has recently been debating whether or not to open his own shop Taobao experience to speak out, always feel when to say you may be some misunderstanding like, first of all, I drive a Taobao shop time is a year of half a point, so far has opened three Taobao shop, fourth shop is being prepared dare not say their own way, in the Taobao shop is how cattle like just want to say that the network business really hard, there is a saying that Taobao is very good: no money also killed so many people. I started formally in contact this e-commerce platform from December 2012 to the end of the world, the high school for Taobao can be said to have no concept, but do not know how muddleheaded came in contact with the electricity supplier. Was graduated from high school, but I can’t stop arguing inside the home and stay at home, and then run out in anger to work in the hotel, family hotel to work after eight days time, bear boss and boss, directly fell out to the table, pay more than and 300 dollars at that time should be removed… Eight days to eat and drink like more than and 200 dollars left. Back home, the home also did not say what, but he was restless, and chance, listen to people say that Taobao open shop is to make money, then the Taobao business… Two hundred dollars for this work. From December 12 to the end of the world until now, never stop…

a month at the beginning, I really don’t know how to make money Taobao shop, only know their own daily featherbrained at eight o’clock in the morning, riding a bicycle through the camera and take pictures of products, sorting text information. Then modify the night pictures, finishing product details until twelve at night. This kind of life has been going on for more than a month… I lost ten pounds during the month.

can be a lot of hard work but didn’t get much in return, the business is very few, that in a month’s time, every day I just repeat one thing, keep the business next to the computer, and then learn how to do Taobao, how to optimize and learn to shop decoration shop like… Can be said. A month at that time is one month, very hard now, I do not know what is supporting me, let me down.

flash time, shop has half the time, earn much, but work at home is comfortable, every day in the computer business, also do not need to see the boss face. I always feel I earn less, and my pay is not proportional, so in multi-party consultation, I intend to buy a high reputation of the shop, in the shop trading platform issued purchase information, quickly reply me in, after careful inquiry, decided to buy a shop called A5 trading platform ( recommended 2 crown maternal stores, price is cost-effective in all asked after it paid for, waited in there for about a week, I bought the shop on hand.

two stores together