general trade import tariff policy has just been introduced, the post tax and upcoming information will be raised. Cross border electricity supplier imports apply to the latter, which will be doomed to its advantages relative to the general trade import. Affected by this news, May 27th, shares plunged 14.92%, to $21.61, a record in May last year, the biggest one-day decline since listing.

from the 2014 year to date, the development of cross-border electricity imports has been more than a year, the monitoring data of Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center last year showed that cross-border e-commerce platform in China has more than 5000 enterprises, more than 20.

2013 good policy spawned a huge volume of cross-border electricity supplier, but with the end of the era of tax arbitrage arbitrage, the small cross-border electricity supplier or will face high cost dilemma. In addition to the future of cross-border electricity supplier competition, will gradually shift to quality, service, logistics and other integrated competition.

which has the advantage of controlling the quality of the goods has been an advantage of the electricity supplier has been valued by the industry. Whether it is officially launched in April this year has just started last year, Jingdong global purchase or transformation of, are invariably stressed self advantages. Including the koala NetEase the bright younger generation sea purchase earlier this year, the line, to complete self production, the rapid development of a few months, making it one of the largest electricity supplier self horse.

in this inventory at home in the forefront of several large cross-border electricity supplier, to look at their current situation and each other, we found that the basic pattern has been formed four.

1, NetEase koala sea purchase

overview of the status quo: koala sea is the purchase of NetEase in January this year, the cross-border electricity supplier project, is considered to have been concerned about the electricity supplier in the field of Ding Lei to find a great opportunity. Although the NetEase is not the traditional electricity supplier companies, but has a huge cash flow, massive user traffic, and the market value of listed companies and stable background, whether at home or in the customs clearance logistics, overseas purchasing goods, in addition to Tmall, Amazon, Jingdong to the most powerful presence.

NetEase koala sea purchase is currently taking purely self mode, the sale of goods by the procurement team from overseas origin direct mining, and in order to put an end to the intermediate links, to ensure genuine. Koala sea purchase in Hangzhou and other domestic city owned warehouses, in the United States and other countries have established overseas positions, and reached a strategic cooperation with Chinese Sinotrans, through logistics and warehousing. Now on-line category including baby products, beauty care, nutrition and health, delicacy, overseas Home Furnishing daily, as well as part of the "overseas direct mail" goods.

in marketing, website to take koala sea purchase sale in the form, with the sea Amoy characteristics; the high frequency of the large-scale promotional activities plus the koala sea purchase by the direct mining formed "overseas wholesale price" and strong cash subsidies, the lowest price in the whole network. At present, the key operation data of every month can be achieved several times.

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