JINGWAH times (reporter Zhu Jianhe) yesterday, Jingdong mall announced its PC side online banking wallet formally launched, while the mobile side of the online banking wallet will debut in March 18th. In the future, Jingdong users shopping payment, capital management, consumer credit, investment banking will be integrated into the online banking wallet". That is to say, the Jingdong to pay the padded short board, to create their own alipay.

it is understood that online banking wallet will serve as the bearer of Jingdong account system, the completion of the integration of online payment links. In the future, Jingdong’s user shopping payment, capital management, credit consumption and investment banking will be through online banking wallet to achieve. Among them, credit consumption refers to has been in beta phase of the Jingdong ious; investment will include on-line, similar to the balance of treasure in March 11th of the "small Treasuries, users put money into small Treasuries can be purchased after the relevant financial products, small Treasuries in the money can always shopping in Jingdong on the mall. According to reports, the Jingdong ‘first on-line financial products are two models, respectively is the Harvest Fund living wallet and Penghua Fund value added treasure".

according to the financial capital business of Jingdong director Liu Changhong revealed that the Jingdong’s online wallet in addition to payment and settlement functions, the Jingdong will also expand beyond the line of POS machines acquiring business.