many people never like this so lost, because in a relationship to the job in the battle was inexplicably defeated — they were fired; many people did not like this so confused, because they always go from the battlefield, but could not find the opportunity to display their skills. The war on employment, on the rice bowl, about dignity.

a job, not just a person’s clothes to eat, ideal to achieve, but also includes the family, friends eager eyes, and even related to the safety of society. Employment in 2009 than in previous years have more things, China government has never been like this year’s exam experience. Because, if the real rate of unemployment in China in 2009 reached 14%, for many people, it is definitely a nightmare.

Under the

crisis, the grim employment situation

today, the face of approaching 2009 black July, and there will be a large number of college students without social experience coming into the society, making the already tense employment situation is becoming more and more serious. Even college students to employment, to recruit units responsible person to kneel at. In this case, the state has introduced a four trillion bailout plan, intended to stabilize the people, stimulating domestic demand, for more people to create more jobs. At the same time, local governments at all levels are also in line with the central rescue plan introduced a variety of appropriate policies to help the unemployed and college students employment.

, according to the author, the core of the employment policy around the guide entrepreneurship. As the first Chinese labor export in Sichuan Province, through the development in emerging public service jobs and increase investment to promote employment at the same time, also to improve the business environment, support entrepreneurship, establish perfect policy support, business services, business training and other related support mechanisms established to protect, guide entrepreneurial success. The same as the export of labor in the province of Hunan, has also introduced the relevant supporting measures to support entrepreneurship, to provide small loans to entrepreneurs, relief related costs, etc.. It can be said that in the country to boost the domestic market to boost domestic demand 2009, the crisis and the opportunity is the same.

China there is an old saying "chaotic hero" with reason. Crisis is the biggest opportunity, the key is how to seize the opportunity. Because, if you can grasp the opportunity, you can take advantage of, become a hero to create albert. If we miss the opportunity, may regret for life. Of course, entrepreneurship is not so simple. Men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. It is difficult to succeed if you blindly start a business. Therefore, entrepreneurs should first learn how to size up the situation, choose entrepreneurial opportunities.

e-commerce, business opportunities in crisis

I remember Premier Wen Jiabao at the Boao forum, said: hope is a beacon, give us direction, never extinguished. So, where is the hope of entrepreneurship look back on 2008, compared to other industries, the growth of the Internet industry is particularly gratifying. In the Internet industry, the growth performance of e-commerce is the most powerful. 2008 China power >