by the Jingdong (micro-blog), Dangdang mall, Tmall (micro-blog), (micro-blog) and other industry heavyweights jointly launched the "history of the most fierce price war", although the number of enterprises to participate in promotional efforts and are beyond the past, but the reporter survey found that this round of the electricity supplier price war but did not like the previous "double 11" that courier companies have explosion.

was last year "double 11" promotional "torture", "four up" and other mainstream courier are large-scale promotional electricity supplier to deal with the law in the face of this, but the known history of the most fierce price war ", but its not useless.

rhyme express relevant responsible person said yesterday that this round of electricity supplier price war on the courier industry is not affected. Last year, double 11 promotion, compared with the average daily growth of nearly 60%, the company needs to work for 24 hours, and even the second line of staff have been put into the front line to help. But from the beginning of the price war at the beginning of May, more than half a month now, shipment volume did not significantly increase.

Yuantong express

relevant responsible person said, from the statistical data received, the recent volume of goods increased slightly in magnitude within the normal range at about 10%, no explosion.

is a large network of couriers also told reporters that this round of price war, the work time adjusted to 8 -18 when compared with before the daily delivery volume only slightly, rose about 10 single. At the same time, the daily delivery vehicle to the site to send the goods, because the goods for small appliances, large volume from two cars to three cars last year, but with the "double 11" promotion, distribution and smooth, no explosion hazard.

Vice President

Peng Liang said Kuba, just through "51" traditional sales season, consumer purchases will be phased weakened, which also makes the actual sales business is not expected, "sales do not naturally will not affect the logistics".

Analysys analyst Chen Shou send believes that the "double 11" compared with last year, the price war is a number of businesses involved, several logistics providers will disperse the pressure, will not last "double 11", the relative concentration of the logistics pressure phenomenon. Moreover, these electricity suppliers in the preparation of the situation seems to be somewhat hasty. The history of the most fierce price war "while families are said to be invested heavily in sales promotion, but mostly for the rush to fight, to create promotional atmosphere is not enough.

in the industry view, although the so-called "history of the most fierce price war, the major electricity providers have declared that" all none, but did not appear to match the profit margin increase distribution, can not help but let the industry for the promotion of the authenticity of the question. An industry that, "the way of subsidies, none other promotional although it looks very fierce, but the electricity supplier and not in each commodity are clearly marked with the amount of subsidies. This means that although none of the major electricity supplier ", but how much money will be to the promotion, is still unknown".