said yesterday the Alibaba will sell their business platform in the United States only 11 Main, which is a certain extent as Ali in the United States to test the water and electricity supplier in the field of frustration, but this does not prevent Ali American investors continue to speak their own story. However, the corresponding U.S. coordinates, has changed from the previous Amazon, now WAL-MART, and the corresponding model has also become an emphasis on helping American businesses to better sell things to china.

today, the new Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong for the first time in the United States debut in a keynote speech in Washington the Nielsen global forum. Zhang Yong said Ali last year’s retail platform turnover reached $400 billion, and this year will usher in a milestone, that is

retail business will exceed the size of WAL-MART.

such a ratio, total revenue of $89 billion last year, Amazon simply…… This is not what, holding the use of 350 million of active users, the daily transaction of 40 million Zhang Yong also praised the Haikou, said there is a very ambitious goal,

turnover reached 1 trillion U.S. dollars in the next five years, the future we want to serve the consumer from China and the world’s 2 billion.

of course, Zhang Yong and Ma as last time, did not forget to sell China huge middle class market, he said, the number of middle class Chinese now and the population of the United States, the next five years will double, so, by Ali, a huge user base, they can help us to contact all Chinese consumer businesses.

famous American warehousing hypermarket Costco has become a model of cooperation. According to Zhang Yong, Costco for 1 months at the Tmall international open online shop, sales reached $6 million 500 thousand, while in 2014 the double eleven Shopping Festival, they have to China consumers to sell 300 tons of Kirk blue nuts, 200 tons of dried cranberries.

(can not help to our country’s people kneel chowhound……


now, Ali hope that through this platform allows no entity shop in China overseas businesses, to establish a fast channel, reach China consumers, a key to all this, it is the pre-sale – all Tmall international business only when the order is produced, the goods will be shipped to the hands of consumers China. Ali is also working closely with many cross-border pilot areas and free trade zones in China to ensure smooth execution of orders.

how specific operation? Zhang Yong cited an example, for example, the cherries sold from the United States to Chinese market when they first Chinese consumers together, after the concentration of the order, and then find the American farmer said, "we are from the cherries plucked from the tree." The farmers then sent the cherries to China by container, which was split into small packages for each consumer.

, however, to do more "prophet" pre-sale mode, a simple e-commerce company is not enough, the