] September 12th news billion state power network, billion state power network that domestic female beauty fast fashion business platform released version 5 version of the mobile client, customer based on the adjustment of the original channel, an increase of the new channel collocation.

said the beautiful "classification to find the baby" functions were greatly revised, users can directly access through the picture when the most popular clothing elements in the new version, more easily according to their own needs to choose their favorite fashion goods, save a lot of time browsing pick.

"beautiful love" channel button can also be adjusted to the right, the user can enter the "beautiful love" in the selection of many Master recommended goods to buy clothes, can also participate in interactive through sharing, point praise and comments etc..

launched a new channel in collocation, click any collocation interface picture, you will see a similar zhilupai label in the upper right corner of the picture, the label marked above the collocation style series belongs to what.

In addition, according to the official

said the official data show that its monthly coverage of the mobile terminal users has reached 8 million 744 thousand, orders accounted for up to 70%. Said the beautiful side, said the shop in the beautiful shop has more than 10000, new shelves of goods per day to reach nearly one hundred thousand, the highest single day sales of goods has more than five hundred thousand pieces. The revision is also in order to better meet the needs of many businesses and consumers.