in recent years, the huge potential of the enterprise market is more and more entrepreneurs and investors are optimistic about the emergence of a large number of B2B start-up companies. In such a highly anticipated outlet, an enterprise service one-stop sourcing platform started to enter people’s vision. This company called B2B business platform to pick network from late May on the line, just two months time has occupied the procurement needs of Shenzhen’s numerous small and medium-sized micro enterprise, and spark Liaoyuanzhishi, according to such a rapid development momentum, at the end of the year is expected to sweep the entire city of Shenzhen.

network can be collected in a short period of time to achieve such rapid development, is unexpected, but also reasonable. The reason cannot do without the background of listed companies united group (stock code 002301) strong financial support and deep field office for more than 20 years of industry advantages, and a clear grasp of the enterprise purchasing pain points. In this way, we analyze the characteristics of Taobao (Tmall) mall, Jingdong mall and Qi mining network platform to explore the true point of corporate procurement pain points, these platforms and whether to solve these problems.

through the online questionnaire survey and analysis we can understand that the vast majority of enterprises in the field of office procurement or tend to online. The main reasons are as follows:

a. Online procurement of office supplies quality of trust is not high;

two. Online procurement can not provide formal invoices;

three. Online purchase payment is not flexible enough to not end

four. Online shopping without bargaining space.

although the line procurement no more problems, but there are still many problems:

a. a vendor can not meet all the needs of the times, the need for additional channels, and then bargain;

two. Vendor price changes sometimes need to be confirmed in advance;

three, such as the replacement of new suppliers need to re inquiry, parity, reporting, high time cost;

four. Delivery speed is not guaranteed;

five. After-sales service is not good enough.

will be online and offline integration of these problems we come to the real point of corporate procurement pain: the quality and price of goods can not be met at the same time; settlement difficult; delivery time is not guaranteed; poor after-sales service.

so these large electronic business platform can solve these problems?


Taobao (Tmall)

popular, Taobao is a large online shopping mall, anyone can come to this store, while Taobao is just all store managers, is not responsible for the procurement of goods, warehousing, sales, delivery and customer service and other services. So when the enterprise has office procurement demand, in the face of a large number of goods and businesses seem to have returned to the online look for different suppliers of parity stage, and distribution are relying on third party logistics, when >