analysis of the user can promote the long-term development of the site, understand the user’s needs, preferences are very important. B2B site in the planning, construction, content, promotion and other aspects should also focus on the user’s habits. From the B2B website promotion aspect, how to analyze the user to do the promotion work?

1, according to engage in sales, marketing, business management users to analyze

this type of user to the site’s biggest demand is to get customers, or is more understanding of some industry friends, to expand the industry contacts, or advertising, sales promotion. This kind of people to the B2B site basically will not go to the community, will not chat, came to the site is to do business. Therefore, in the process of promoting the need to cater to the needs of some people, such as some industry trends, business management aspects of the article, if you want to further contact with these people, you need to attend some seminars, salon can further shorten the distance. Take my site software marketing network, for example, in accordance with the user analysis, the site is divided into stations and stations outside the promotion. In the station layout, planning a high-end information column section, attract business management; optimization in the station, prepare some guide and tutorials or solutions like the article to attract market software sales department of the Ministry of personnel, to solve their doubts, not only bring traffic to the site, but also to obtain this kind of the trust of the people.

2, according to the technical and production aspects of the user to analyze

this part of the market and some of the above some overlap, because sales or market knowledge of the industry, the market, technical knowledge, and so some have some understanding. If you want to get this user, the site will be the community, information. From the big aspect to consider, pay attention to industry information, management, technology, macro development, national policy and so on, on the one hand, can cause the attention of the enterprise, on the other hand can establish high-end brand. In the community, to guide the production of these technical personnel to actively post, to help more people solve problems.

3, according to the user’s age, education, work life analysis

general, B2B site’s age is between 20 and 50 years old; from the academic point of view, should be concentrated to the undergraduate degree, master’s in high school, the number of these people, relatively less; from work to life, just to work to work for decades to have, respectively, this time to be divided into different sections to discuss the website. For example, in terms of the layout of the site layout, to meet the needs of those who work for many years, in the community, it is necessary to have experienced people to answer questions raised by the new. Different people are not the same thing. We promote the content and methods are not the same. For example, in a community forum, we should not only meet the new demand, provide some simple, some known knowledge within the industry, and the best set of answering pages, let the experienced people to answer questions, and reward.