community e-commerce, based on the fragmentation of the community, fragmented small businesses. In this way, the network marketing technology is mostly fragmented, each enterprise has its own unique skills and characteristics.

we can see many of these large enterprises in the fragmented technology planning a little shadow, but it is difficult to have a large. It should be said that the network marketing to a large extent belong to the network culture, the planning of small enterprises often use family marketing such tricks.

was 07 years, a couple of small open cabinet shop in Nanjing several online communities become fashionable for a time. There is no shop, no store, the company has only one rented office, two desks, two computers, a set of samples. In their promotion posts, described the hardships, described in the street stalls to eat supper at dead of night story. Many customers have been moved, regardless of the risk, enthusiastically ordering. Rational consumers continue to remind us of the huge risk of the business model. 08 years, the risk of small businesses to be fully released, delivery, after-sales, material problems plagued enterprises and lead to business failure.

small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing lack of necessary guidance and training, lack of advisory bodies. Technology and talent are still unable to replicate the industrialization, and understand these technologies and master the training methods for the advisory services revenue skeptical.