] August 1st news billion state power network, the recent online shopping fake trend intensified, even has long silent luxury business serves network were also involved.

days ago, some netizens online broke the news, in the work of Burberry logo network serves to buy shirt and counter products are huge, suspected of selling network serves. The user provides a series of purchase in the network serves the detail of the POLO shirt in micro-blog, and compared with the counter products.

Burberry the official micro-blog Burberry customer service immediately responded to the user: Burberry network serves not authorized retailers. Currently Burberry only through Burberry.com, Burberry boutiques and authorized retailers to sell Burberry goods. Only through the above channels to buy Burberry products, in order to ensure that the goods purchased for high quality genuine, and with the relevant purchase certificate to enjoy the corresponding after-sales service.

for this, billion state power network has telephone network serves and public relations staff headquarters. Serves network sources, in July this year, a number of online shows very favorable price Burberry T-shirt, the price of 488 yuan. This customer is buying these products. This is the network serves the European suppliers overseas straight goods, each piece is normal after the customs inspection and customs.

serves network also stressed that every luxury brand counters to supply goods and distribution channels of goods is not the same, type, fabric, style, and even the design, there is a difference. This batch of goods procurement network serves from brand distributors in Europe, only the network serves to minimize the cost of procurement and international transportation cost, so the price is very cheap.

in addition, serves network admitted, did not obtain official authorization Burberry. "But the genuine procurement network serves, is also an important supply channels." Serves network relevant responsible person said, "said the customer, according to the relevant provisions of the 7 days no reason to return, we have all according to the rules for the return refund to the customer."

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network serves can provide the goods supplier information. The network serves to explain, supplier name is a commercial secret, serves network and supplier contracts signed a confidentiality clause. "For the customer mentioned Burberry, serves network with import documents, supplier purchased from Burberry and customs declaration. But according to the terms of business, the network serves are not published."

It is reported that

, the user also once and serves network email communication, to understand the network serves Burberry purchase channels. But the network serves similarly to the signing of a confidentiality agreement refused to provide relevant information.

users and serves network communication mail

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