May 22, 2014, the Jingdong group proprietary platform China largest listed on NASDAQ in all listed China Internet Corporation market value ranked third, after the Tencent, Baidu Jingdong after the listing, the following "entrepreneurs" magazine, Niu Wenwen interviewed Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong, the key:

1 we are not subversive, but for China’s retail industry to do a value chain integration, from the factory (one stop) to consumers. In this chain, how many things to do, how much money, the world is fair.

2 for all the services to join the model I do not look good. Want to do a hundred years old could hundred years of solitude, want to make quick money not to do a hundred years old.

3 Jingdong to make money in the future or rely on self. Self do half of the value chain, the third party platform to do only 20%, cut the passenger only, the warehouse did not do quality control did not do, to make more money does not make sense.

4 to make money on Jingdong is not a good thing – over the past 3 to 5 years a particularly good day, then there will be more than 100 people come in, the world is rich and more.

5 in the future is unlikely to be replaced by electricity supplier convenience stores and urban complex, most likely to be replaced by large supermarkets and distributors.

how many things to make money

Niu Wenwen: Jingdong listed market capitalization of $about 30000000000, third, new three, China Internet industry pattern of such a set of


Liu Qiangdong: China’s Internet industry pattern is never possible, if so few, unless the industry is not developed, the Chinese society is not developed. Traditional industries have done hundreds of years, there are still new models appear. Such as aviation is a heavy asset industry, most airlines are losing money, but to a Southwest Airlines, very good profit, even earn money for a dozen years; the hotel opened a few hundred years, the hotel chain out, small store, very good.

Niu Wenwen: we thought you were a subversive, is the whole country, the pattern of subversion of the Soviet Union, you now almost become the leader of the bar.

Liu Qiangdong: I think from the perspective of income is almost the same, the first quarter of Jingdong and China’s largest retailer Suning only 1%, it is the number of US $22 billion 600 million.

I think Jingdong is the core of another level of things. In the field of consumer goods, the value chain One divides into two., half of all brands, people design brand, production, pricing, marketing and so on, are valuable and should earn half of the money; we will do as a retailer, after the half, the investment in building services systems, has a dedicated OK. Market competition leads to the value chain in a certain range, may be a little longer, shorter, but overall is stable. SONY (to make it grow, earn a lot of money, come out Panasonic, LG, Samsung to participate in competition. When profits are too small to do so, the industry’s competitors are too