early in the morning of November 12th, the main mobile + social "new ways of the Jingdong group pat Network announced the double 11 day (00:00 – 24:00) part of the data, pat net orders amount grew 150% last year, the line is only a month to become the biggest highlight of the pat micro shop double 11, the amount of orders than the October average daily growth of more than 300%, accounting for nearly 40% of total station. Micro shop orders accounted for more than three categories were the most famous jewelry and clothing accessories, shoes and bags; micro shop orders amount accounted for more than three categories were the most mobile phone digital, clothing accessories and jewelry products.


is particularly worth mentioning is that the pat micro shop and unlike other electricity providers have the same PC or APP traffic entrance, so these transactions almost all rely on the seller through WeChat, Q independent drainage and marketing brought fans. For example, Shanghai Volkswagen brand Ling of coupe in the pat platform reservation activities in a total of 200 single user; China Unicom Huasheng with line Unicom cooperation pat two-dimensional code placed drainage, winning the double 11 pat category first mobile phone; three squirrels main snacks have not put a penny in advertising. Only by fans on the marketing and sales reached about 20 times the usual; and good fashion through WeChat launched 130 thousand wide point advertising, but brings 2 million 540 thousand orders; Pincheng textile by micro shop to fans sent 120 thousand coupons, double eleven day sales soared as usual about 40 times.

according to pat the introduction of the network, as early as 11 in front of the two, Pat has announced that the two will abandon the traditional mode of centralized platform to promote sales, and the initiative to promote sales and pricing to the merchant of the 11. In eleven before nearly a month of time, pat Network by providing cheap shot to pat micro shop "(based on the micro shop launched friends fight group purchase), shop red fission (that is, businesses can rely on independent tool fans circle of friends issued a red envelope, wide point fission) advertising tools (support independent businesses buy wireless traffic), shop attention and a variety of products such as WeChat, pay attention to service for the micro shop quickly brought together a large number of loyal fans.

pat micro shop outbreak also proved the huge potential of fans + social electricity supplier. The future, businesses no longer need to break through the gross profit and a large number of advertising investment to carry out blood promotion, users are their own, businesses can be carried out according to a reasonable profit sharing and feedback fans group according to their own situation, to promote ecological health. At the same time, pat Network also said, will continue to provide flow pat micro shop and tool support for each of the businesses are able to accumulate enough fixed customers, get free and stable flow, to reduce the cost of business survival, it also brings more imagination space for WeChat to the center of the business model.