January 7th morning news, Jingdong mall today announced a strategic upgrade to buy business, the future will spin off independent operation. Group will be responsible for the business before the open platform responsible for Jingdong.

Jingdong mall’s internal announcement shows that, after the approval of CEO Liu Qiangdong, buy business from the POP open platform as an independent marketing agency. Jingdong has recently appointed the original mall open platform for vice president Zhang Shouchuan, vice president of Jingdong responsible for the Department Store Group purchase group purchase business, the overall development and management work, and report to CMO blue ye.

at the end of last year, Jingdong mall recently opened its POP platform (third party sellers settled business) division of strategic adjustment. After adjustment, the direct leadership of the Department of blue ye.

according to Jingdong mall relevant sources, Jingdong mall buy business spin off, the future will operate in a new independent platform. This time the strategic upgrade initiatives highlight the importance of Jingdong to buy business and the determination of future development.