according to the information released by the Ministry of Commerce, in 2014 the domestic consumer market, the total retail sales of consumer goods 26 trillion and 200 billion yuan, of which e-commerce transactions (including B2B and Internet retail) about 13 trillion yuan, which means that the electronic commerce consumer goods retailing business has accounted for half of the country. 10 years ago, online shopping has become born today, complete business model, online shopping has become the new normal business. However, after all, the development of electricity supplier online shopping is not long, there are many places need to be improved. Consumers want to buy goods, can be more assured that online shopping experience can be more enjoyable; some commercial and legal aspects of people also hope that, according to the characteristics of the Internet, the development of specialized laws and regulations, and promote the healthy development of online shopping. Liberation Daily Social Investigation Center has always been very concerned about online shopping, 2012 8, September has worked with QQsurvey China online survey, published the "entity shop layout into predators of middle-aged users online shopping online shopping / Chinese environment optimization can be expected", "quality problems" most worried the price war not reliable two reports today, the liberation daily social investigation center again in collaboration with QQsurvey China online, "under the new normal online shopping, how to improve the quality, enhance the investigation of user experience.

the survey by online, in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou selected 1000 samples in other city selected a sample of 500 men and women; 1:1; respondents personal monthly income from 5000 yuan (including 5000 yuan) to 20000 yuan, is divided into 5 levels; at the same time, the respondents age also had a reasonable allocation. All respondents are online shoppers.

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survey: more than 60% of the respondents of the overall online shopping satisfaction, but compared to 2012, down nearly 10 percentage points; respondents online shopping three pain points are inconsistent, and commodity description, poor product quality, to buy counterfeit goods; particularly noteworthy is that there are nearly 6 respondents said he bought fake.

online shopping increased satisfaction decreased by

tip: business transactions accounted for the total retail sales of consumer goods 50%

online shopping satisfaction decreased by about 20%

compared to 2 years ago

online shopping has become China’s new normal business. The survey shows that in the online shopping experience of the respondents, 76.1% said they often online shopping, and online shopping as the main way of shopping, an increase of 10 percentage points than the 2012 survey.

National Bureau of Statistics latest statistics show that: in 2014, the total retail sales of social consumer goods 262394 yuan, of which e-commerce transactions (including B2B and online retail) reached about $13 trillion. This means that the e-commerce business has accounted for half of the country’s retail industry.

concern is that in 2014 the total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 12.0%>