entrepreneurs are not bright, many entrepreneurs are holding a folder, like a dog’s sweeping from door to door looking for customers. The venture is not to find a good project can be successful, without a good team, did not perform, finally only dog feces; entrepreneurship does not represent success, most of the business are ultimately ended in failure, so, see the following article:

Author: a chicken in the mountains


failed as the shadow follows the form of

news: "this year is the hardest job season in history." I have graduated for four years, when the TMD news is also said to be the most difficult in the history of the employment season, it is estimated that the time to change the small series, the old version and re issued again. In the past four years, I worked in a small company for two years. All ended in failure, saying that failure is the mother of success, but she did not show her son.

is the first company to serve, is the boss, the boss, the mother of cooking and staff composed of six small companies. At that time, just thinking about the most important thing is to graduate young people to learn, follow this entrepreneurial success can learn entrepreneurial experience, so it did not care about the contract is not signed, how much income. Half a year after I learned was fooled customers, giving customers a rebate, when customers called to xipixiaolian. The core skills is to find the house to get low-cost products, this can not be said too fine, anyway, never mind is impossible. When I left the office, the boss gave me seven deduction of the deduction of the last month of wages is 250, not much, she is intentional, but it does not matter, she has always been like that, she has always been the same as the other eight.

at the beginning of entrepreneurship, not extremely excited enough

in 2011, after the departure, I told a customer to do poineering work, when we see a foreign website has been very popular group purchase, however, is not the same type of website, we all thought he had discovered a new continent. So soon the establishment of the marketing department, the Department of operations and other departments, the corresponding mass e-mail and forum hype also began to implement it. Sometimes we get together to see some of the documentary in the office, such as Tencent’s growth, the growth of Alibaba, but extremely excited to be of no use, because after watching this inspiring video does not represent the second day you come to the office flies outside there are other things to do besides, no orders for the company won’t get too far.

when we have a belief: the Internet is not fish age, but a fast fish eats the slow times, we call the small fish. If I could go back to the office a few years ago, I would say to them, don’t think too much, you can’t even eat Penguin shit. Originally thought that this model can bring a group purchase of consumers, to bring tangible benefits to consumers, then we are on both sides of the pet, they will welcome us; it is because the actual consumers to businesses with scanty and not get past.