TechWeb December 6th report text / Wang Meng

to go to the countryside, the vast world have a brilliant future.

according to the Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 the scale of rural online shopping market reached 353 billion yuan, an increase of 96%, is expected in 2016 the national rural online shopping market size will reach $460 billion.

Ma and Liu Qiangdong spotted the huge business prospects in rural areas "in, with real money to drop out of a communication channel between urban and rural areas, a special group of this become an important part of the channel, they are like sparks of fire, and extinguished, and becoming liaoyuanzhishi.

Ali referred to these as "rural Taobao partners," Jingdong called them "rural promoters".


village "new" to the young

Spend more than 3 hours to

from Beijing to Xuzhou high-speed rail station, from Xuzhou station to sit 2 hours bus to arrive in Suqian. TechWeb met Fei Xinjun here, he is the Jingdong of Jiangsu province agriculture responsible person, is also a Jingdong in Suyu area of Suqian city is the first country director.

thirty-eighth China Internet development statistics report shows that as of June 2016, China’s Internet users accounted for more than 26.9% of rural users, the scale of 191 million. Lack of knowledge of the Internet and lack of awareness, resulting in weak demand for the use of the Internet, is still the main cause of rural non internet users do not access the internet. Survey shows that the main reason for the non internet users in rural areas do not understand the computer / network, the proportion of 68%.

in early 2015, Jingdong set up a recruitment plan for the year one hundred thousand rural promoters, the purpose is to serve the rural electricity supplier market. In this year, Fei Xinjun became the first rural supervisor in Suyu.

rural promoters are mainly three jobs, one is to pull the new, the two is to help the villagers in need of a Jingdong to buy the product, the three is to assist delivery." The countryside is a social acquaintance, when Jingdong village tuiguangyuan fee army soon taught the relatives and friends online shopping, really can not learn, he will direct his own Jingdong to help them buy rural promotion account, "now all my relatives and friends is a member of the Jingdong."

and O2O to push the army there are some similar, Jingdong promoters need to pull new, to promote the products of Jingdong. The number of users, purchase order data, which is directly related to the promoters of the final Commission income. Through the promotion of a single account or through the promotion of new users to register the registration of the order, the Commission in accordance with the rules of the order, included in the promoters of the performance of the Commission in proportion.

The rural

with much land and few people to a family to do the promotion, the cost of time spent is huge. But there’s a knack for the new army.

according to Fei Xinjun introduction, the first push to the countryside