technology news June 12th morning news, B2C cosmetics vertical website released "cosmetics industry white paper", detailed disclosure of the industry such as "genuine low price", "false N for N" behind the insider, and carries on the analysis to the business management from the aspects of procurement channels, operating costs, pricing, sales, logistics etc..

why do such a quarrel with their peers do? Le bee executives explained the recessive management strategy of the electricity supplier industry exists, it is difficult to make electricity in the healthy development of the commercial environment in order, but may ruin the whole industry. They also believe that the more people strive for more understanding of cosmetic electricity supplier operations, the more beneficial to the music bee network.

genuine low price?

this white paper, procurement, cost and price is the most important part of the three. Lasafo vice president Xin Yihua said at the meeting: in fact, now the majority of electricity providers did not do what the net profit, in order to scale, sales are generally using the cost pricing method, the purchase cost plus a necessary margin to maintain business operations as the basic criterion of the retail price.

white paper more specific disclosure of the general cost of purchasing cosmetics: direct costs about 70%-80%; operating costs accounted for 5%-6%, which includes general administration, payroll, etc; compliance costs accounted for 12%-20%, which includes all the cost of warehousing and logistics delivery.

addition, as well as the largest elastic marketing costs, mature electricity supplier in normal circumstances between 3%-6%, the promotion period of electricity providers may be as high as 10%-15%.

in fact, relationship marketing costs the same promotion effect is very close, if the promotion of investment in exchange for a high return on sales, will help reduce the overall cost, otherwise it will push up.

according to the analysis, the paper gives a comprehensive range of 22%-30% gross margin is standard operating profit and loss range with genuine business, direct procurement costs, counter price of about thirty percent off, is the lower limit about cosmetics electricity supplier genuine low-cost.

, of course, electricity supplier in order to attract customers, strategic loss of sales of some products is not in its column." Xin Yihua said, but it is generally believed that as long as the business is genuine, the price limit can be limited, so the whole network is not the logic of this argument."

guarantee genuine


is genuine it is a common problem in cosmetics online shopping. Even from the scale of the business of the formal electricity supplier shopping, consumers will still be entangled in such a question. Le bee network purchasing manager Xu Qing believes that online shopping environment chaos, the public is not aware of the purchase of cosmetics electricity supplier channels is an important reason for this phenomenon.

according to the white paper, the general formal cosmetics electricity supplier procurement channels are divided into three categories: first, with the manufacturers or regional agents and other units of the first level