May 26th news, the world’s top fashion brand industry summit opened yesterday, luxury bigwigs were invited to attend, and delivered a speech. Among them, the CEO Francesca Belletini luxury brand YSL about the brand construction needs innovation.

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CEO said: "since March 2012, Hedi Slimane served as the creative director, to bring the company more than two times the revenue growth, breaking the barriers of a traditional brand design. He left for Saint Laurent is still a big blow."

for Laurent next development, Francesca Belletini said, "not a customer will be 100% loyalists, local people should know to do market preferences. The most important thing is to promote brand innovation."

is reported that in the first quarter of 2016, its sales grew by 26.5% to reach $26 million 930 thousand, becoming one of its parent company in the best performing cloud group.

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billion state power network to understand, Saint Laurent is a world famous fashion brand, founded in 1962 in Paris, its brand products including fashion, perfume, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics and cigarettes. Currently, its sales channels include 65% retail, wholesale and 5% of the copyright of 30%.