this morning, as usual, after the guest network marketing institute company, followed by the punch, restart the computer to take books, a cup of water, like all over again every day like a mechanical procedure after the beginning of a new day round of work. Just landed QQ is completed, the system prompts me: QQ mailbox has several unread mail, which I subscribe to QQ news. I do not know if it was a little early yesterday to go to work, as well as last night’s 6:30 unread mail.

opened one of the mail to know, Pacific computer network also began to enter the e-commerce service. Into roughly read, is the electronic commerce mode of C2C, in addition to the site name is: PConline IT mall, basic and existing C2C platform: Ali Taobao, Tencent, Baidu has ah pat Network; B2C platform: shopping malls, Eslite similar Jingdong.

earlier, I have seen the rumors, PConline this year’s biggest project is PConline online shopping malls. I did not expect it to the end of June, but PConline has not started, open and existing C2C e-commerce sites began to challenge. From the mail, PConline Jingdong shopping malls and Taobao store significant price down, personally think that this seems to harm than benefit, how many merchants and sellers will accompany the PConline fight is still unknown.

2009 all over the world are affected by the U.S. financial crisis spread, the PConline at this time to spend money, a lot of time and energy to get a C2C e-commerce platform for? People questioned said that the C2C site need to invest a lot of money? When do not like B2C’s Jingdong, everywhere advertising investment, who will find the channel, but the early no attractive price advantage to a new C2C website registration, buy? The preferential price to pay by


then, last year, Baidu has ah before the official debut was a "pre emptive" through Taobao, Baidu spiders crawl — by refusing to merchants and the form of product information, Taobao strongly resisted Baidu has ah feat staged a passion for David to the winter of the internet. The rise of Baidu search service through to the portal provides, hit the Baidu and Taobao want to turn from a guest into a host C2C competition was cold, since the line has been in a situation. Does PConline have a new breakthrough, there is a wealth of channels, dealers support?

according to the understanding of e-commerce and analysis, classification of different models based on the electronic commerce itself can be divided into many categories, and by our B2C and C2C for having heard it many times the platform website has a lot. Liu Qiangdong ran B2C direction, always burn supporting the entire Jingdong market operation, in East Liu Xiang’s eyes, will adhere to the victory.

in theory, the C2C model is the most