Since the recent

, there have been a number of lawsuits about the domain name registration in our country. Recently, Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, the adndrc and Hongkong International Arbitration Center in Beijing jointly organized the "Asian domain name and Online Dispute Resolution seminar", the subject of domain name dispute become the focus of discussion by experts. Legal experts agree that the registered CN domain and CN domain name Chinese is a legitimate civil rights of citizens, whether it is registered, use in the domain name, or address in the domain name dispute, personal registration of the legitimate rights and interests shall be protected by law.

as everyone knows, with the development of Internet applications, the basic tools of domain name as Internet users, more and more attention, and has become an important resource of the Internet, a recognized convenient good Internet domain name, its value can even stir to hundreds of millions of dollars. But as the world’s second China Internet country, with the domain name Chinese international standard, and IE7 all the mainstream browser support for CN Chinese domain, with the majority of users China language habits Chinese CN domain name, its application value is also widely recognized.

on the other hand, as has the resources disposition of the domain name, the number must be limited, and how to obtain and apply also need to follow certain principles. In China, the national CN domain name and the Chinese CN domain name registration management, followed the "first note first get" international principles. At present, the domain name registration service in China and relevant activities mainly follow the Ministry of information industry in 2003 announced the development of the "China Internet domain name registration management approach", the principle of domain name of the "measures" are clearly defined. For the domain name registration body, although the "measures" is not clearly defined, but from the "measures" twenty-seventh "personal registration and use of domain name" that person is actually in China all kinds of domain name registration body.

‘s recent judicial practice of domain name disputes clearly supports the view that the outcome of the dispute resolution is not affected by the identity of the holder of the domain name. From the just concluded Asian domain name and Online Dispute Resolution seminar, you can see that the protection of the rights of the domain name holders have also been reaffirmed.

at the same time, we should also see that although the judicial practice has also occurred are on the CN domain, but the application of Chinese domain name dispute solution to the dispute does not distinguish between CN domain and CN domain name Chinese, in other words, suitable for CN domain terms also apply to the Chinese CN domain name. Judicial practice to support personal registration CN domain name is legitimate, then, judicial practice should also support the personal registration of Chinese CN domain name legitimate.

therefore, as long as they comply with the laws and administrative regulations, personal registration and registration services or its agents signed between Chinese CN domain name registration service contract is valid, and protected by law, any organization can not be forcibly deprived of personal registration in the.