intends to do a second half marketing software download station. Put on the Google ad Adsense, found that I do not show the clutter. Later found the reason, my station should belong to Google official said, copyright material".

"copyright material" content

"refers to the use of copyrighted material is not authorized by the copyright owner in the case of the materials, including movies, TV dramas, TV shows, music and songs (MP3, bell, flash), comic books, software, etc..

If you use

on your site for these materials have a clear copyright owner (company or individual), and you have no formal authorization of the copyright in all (authorization legally binding) using these materials, the content of your site is copyrighted material, a violation of our policy plan.

needs to be emphasized is that the copyright statement on your website (such as "all contents of this website are collected with the network, if the violation of your copyright please notify us immediately, we will immediately delete") there is no legal effect. If you do not have the copyright owner’s authorization, is still copyright material, is still in violation of our planning policy.

below we will give some specific examples of copyright materials:

1 movies or TV online watch or download sites, if not the official authorization of the publishing company, these contents belong to the copyright material.

2 music online audio visual or download site, or the use of songs to do the site to download ringtones, if there is no formal authorization of the publishing company, it belongs to copyright materials.

3 comic site, if the use of the comic has a clear copyright owner, and no official authorization of the copyright owner, is a copyright material.

4 online books or fiction sites, if the book or novel has been officially published and has a clear copyright owner, if there is no copyright owner’s authorization, it belongs to the copyright material.

5 software download site, if the software has a clear copyright owner and distribution company, without the copyright owner’s authorization to provide the download and any other form. Such as the cracked version, Chinese version of the green version, belong to copyrighted material.

in addition, some publishers wrote that he did not have these materials on the web server, does not provide direct download of these materials, but only to provide a download link, can not be considered copyright material. Our answer is: this website content is still copyrighted material, does not meet our planning policy. We do not allow publishers to use AdSense directly or indirectly to earn revenue from illegal advertising.

please note that all of the ads on AdSense can not be displayed on copyrighted material sites, including AdSense for Content, AdSense for Search, mobile advertising and push >