Wang Jianlin released Wanda Group semi annual report, according to the plan, by 2020 Wanda to form real estate, cultural tourism, finance, retail, electricity supplier five business segments. Obviously, Wanda electricity supplier is a platform for the exclusive commercial real estate Wanda electricity supplier, Wanda courage worthy of praise, but the pace can not go too fast.

Wang Jianlin and Ma Yun bet, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Maybe it’s not that Ma Yun Ali is too arrogant, perhaps is a trial on the Internet, each player Wang Jianlin, are unexpected.

recently, Wang Jianlin Wanda Group released semi annual report, the report of most concern is Wanda announced that it will continue to develop the electricity supplier, announced that the initial investment of 5 billion yuan, several and joint Chinese largest electricity supplier, the goal is about three years to find the profit model.

but in addition Wanda electricity supplier has suffered heroic utterance, former Wanda electricity supplier COO Ma Haiping and former Wanda electricity supplier COO Liu Sijun, former chief executive of Wanda electricity supplier CEO Gong Yitao has left. After leaving, the relevant personnel have complained that the real estate company’s rigid management and reporting audit system is not suitable, the Internet industry have Tucao that Wanda electricity supplier, Wanda O2O will not succeed. Wanda electricity supplier, O2O get both praise and blame, where is the way, is really no way to go? The purpose of this paper is to elaborate from the commercial, real estate, Internet, media, point of view, trying to solve the Wang Jianlin business complex:

5 billion for Wanda mean?

for the Internet, 5 billion means an astronomical figure, but for Wang Jianlin, the 5 billion is just a Wanda Plaza investment figures.

in the two or three line of the city one of the investment projects, investment 5 billion, the payoff is much higher than this figure: first of all, the basic pattern of Wanda Plaza is through government investment and negotiation, in new city or low land area, with the construction, from project planning, positioning, construction, sales, investment, property management, Wanda has achieved a modular, standardized replication. May we pay attention to Wanda Plaza studios and the catering industry is hot, but we also have to see many embarrassing scene Deserted City Wanda king street.

The surface of

successful Wanda Plaza, the biggest success lies in the commercial complex District aggregation effect is brought about by the various regions of the property market "doping", is the housing prices and promote the sales pitch. For Wanda, the real big profit in addition to the square outside the various types of shops, office and residential sales is the core.

Wanda investment projects in the country over ten billion, are everywhere, 5 billion in the Wanda system which is not a particularly large budget, but the Internet sector over focus, somewhat enlarged.

Wang Jianlin why insist on doing electricity supplier


reason is very simple, Wanda’s main business is real estate, especially commercial real estate is the key to the success of Wanda, commercial real estate operation and maintenance more complex than residential development >