in the face of fierce market competition, buy the industry in 2011 to enter the winter. A week, group purchase industry heavy news, let more sense of chill in winter group purchase. So, where is the spring to buy


is out of the winter, to the group purchase website with countermeasures, mainly for their own transformation, heating, electricity and other moves tycoon.

for the actual effect of heating, the industry has been controversial, some industry insiders, "the group purchase industry overall losses, each group of users and business customers the homogenization of serious, if the purchase purpose is not clear, it would be a" fellow sufferers go ", the actual effect is certainly less than 2 1+1." And its own transformation model is inconsistent. Coupon mall model can only play a role in alleviating the plight, and can not fundamentally help buy out of the winter, to achieve sustained profitability.

near the business "money" mode seems to be a good way to group purchase website wants to gain a foothold in the fierce competition in the market, in addition to innovation, but also a powerful backer B2C chiefs. In order to get a space for one person in the fierce competition in the market, not the collapse of group purchase website began to find backers. Buy site with Jingdong, Alibaba and other large user base, enhance their sales platform, in order to survive.

The sharp decrease of

group buying website is an inevitable trend. The existing group buying enterprises need to pay attention to the following problems:

I, personnel training. Pay attention to the training of enterprise values, each person can give full play to their ability to innovate, and to adhere to the attitude of things, so as to better improve work efficiency.

two, accurately grasp the market direction and rhythm. Buy the market is changing rapidly, only to grasp the direction and rhythm of the market, in order to remain invincible. In the market requirements of dash, tight with the pace; in the market downturn, slow down. Make a concrete analysis of the market.

three, IT technology. Strengthen the training of technical personnel to enhance the technical advantages.

four, integrity management, establish a good corporate image, for more consumer recognition.

five, product detail operations. At present, many of the groups are doing lottery, lottery can indeed use low-cost, bring more customers. However, in the lottery brings a large number of customers, not necessarily what they need. Attention should be paid to precision marketing in the operation.

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