news July 16th, billion state power network found that before the Jingdong’s global purchasing business acquired from the Jingdong is not a significant but very important traffic entrance support: Jingdong in the commodity search results page, add a "screening dimension of global purchase".

Jingdong product search results page screenshot

it is understood that in addition to the 618 big promotion period, short-term increase options to promote goods, for a long time, the Jingdong in the commodity search results page only shows "goods", "Jingdong distribution" and "cash on delivery" three options, but don’t take this function open to any independent category.

analysis of an industry, the Jingdong will be fourth options given the global purchase, at least at the strategic level shows on the global purchase business value, but the entrance is to bring the number of material flow, now is not a good evaluation.

it is understood that Jingdong is the world’s Jingdong in April 15th this year on the line of imported electricity supplier business, currently using self and open platform two models. Global purchase of independent.Hk domain name, and in the top of the Jingdong has a separate channel entrance.

insiders said above, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong went to Australia for a global purchase investment platform, will be open to the global search page selection purchase a series of movements, shows its high with great confidence and expectations for the global purchase business.

Taobao product search results page screenshot

at present, cross-border business is increasingly being paid attention to the domestic electricity supplier platform. Billion state power network, with the exception of Jingdong, and before that, Taobao "foreign goods", "Amazon Amazon overseas purchase also included in the search results page options.