home improvement business how to play? What is the future development trend of Home Furnishing home? "Internet plus decoration industry chain" how to use big data? In the big bang network information today, Internet decoration enterprises how to occupy new commanding heights of development of


in the face of these questions, the afternoon of December 5th in the "2015 China Jiezhuang industry annual meeting, industry experts and entrepreneurs share a gluttonous feast. Tuba rabbit, founder and CEO Wang Guobin as guests invited to attend, the exploration in the field for more than 7 years the largest Internet platform decoration head, share Tuba rabbit growth experience and the future trend of judgment.

"the development of the electricity supplier has changed from quantitative to qualitative change, but also to create value for the entire industry to the platform to change." Wang Guobin believes that after years of changes in the Internet, a lot of companies do not have the ability to improve the competitiveness of the difficult.

in recent years, tuba rabbit is also rising platform Jiezhuang company’s service quality, including the change of their connection, transaction mode and production mode.

eliminate the industry’s bottom pain points

home improvement industry pain points have been stereotyped topic, such as: the construction period is too long, difficult to control the quality of construction, increased leakage, etc..

Tuba rabbit eliminate user pain points the way is to change the traditional decoration company, to help them reduce costs and improve efficiency. "Tuba rabbit in 2011 changed the connection with the decoration company owners, so that the original marketing staff recruit a lot of decoration company, return to no longer do marketing mode, but return to the foundation design and construction." Wang Guobin said, there are a lot of cooperation platform Tuba rabbit decoration company in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other regions, have no marketing personnel. Now the tuba rabbit directly provide orders to the decoration company, let them do the amount of free housing, design services to users.

over the past ten years, the traditional home improvement industry has been the problem of asymmetric information. Construction, design, procurement of building materials and other services, the need to go through the hands of the traditional decoration company, they have the initiative in the transaction, which in the decoration of the money, the quality of construction caused a lot of fundamental pain points. Wang Guobin said: "in 2012, 2013 changed the tuba rabbit decoration company and the owners of the proposed transaction, the satisfaction of the payment transactions."

"Tuba rabbit owners made points to Jiezhuang company payment, the fact verified the user experience better, a lot of decoration companies directly to shorten the cycle, may be reduced from one month to one week, because both sides can be satisfied first decoration, after the payment." Wang Guobin believes that the transaction mode change has brought great promotion to Jiezhuang industry, especially when visibility, it is easy to establish the user’s trust, thus creating provide users with high-quality decoration service opportunities.

five or six years ago, we began to develop cloud design system, which can provide the owners see the effect of income." Wang Guobin said. The soil Tuyun Pakistan system design, package >