according to the latest data show that this year, e-commerce sites in the new site of 85% belong to B2C type, there is reason to believe that in 2012 the B2C website will continue to maintain momentum. 2011 is the past, the new year is how each B2C talent shows itself from a million bold warriors brains to think about the website. Admittedly, the B2C website of domestic small and medium enterprises are very hard, in the product packaging are dedicated, good appearance certainly attract attention, the user experience is very friendly, but in terms of marketing specific, and can not be perfect, from the investigation and research of the author’s point of view, is the lack of small and medium-sized enterprises to the B2C site operators long-term marketing strategy and lead to a lack of innovation. Judging from the success of many network marketing case, B2C site is the need for innovation in all aspects, not just a gorgeous coat. Good ideas and elaborate marketing planning, whether it is now or in the future, are important issues B2C mall site.


the first aspect we talk about the construction of the site, to open online mall, certainly inseparable from the site. We all know that now, some individual customers or some companies will choose Taobao or eBay platform store. The advantages of Taobao and eBay is simple, a fatal drawback is that there is no independent shops, all under the C2C trading platform constraints, the rules of the game by the platform store, for small and medium-sized enterprises to form their own brand and long-term reputation, this choice is obviously not so wise. And now independent station costs are not high, and autonomy in the hands of the enterprise itself. So we have to set up their own businesses or businesses belonging to the B2C site, the best choice is to hire professionals to create a unique mall belonging to the small and medium enterprises.

why do you have to create the one and only B2C mall site? Do the SEO knows, the uniqueness of the website is very important for the promotion and optimization of the site as a whole, both Baidu and Google are very interested in the original things are. It’s just like us, like the fresh feeling. Therefore, we must take into account before the establishment of the continuity of the follow-up. That is, the overall planning and marketing closely together. Before the site must consider the operation and promotion of the entire site, only in this way we will remain invincible.

lighting network in Dongguan as an example, this is one of the successful cases. At the beginning of the site, through professional production site, to create a unique template, a line, it will attract major search engines. This is the first place to pay attention to the construction of the site, to carefully build, reject the same. We can be simple, but we do not copy.

second aspects, is the site content update. The content of the B2C website is nothing more than the introduction of the product, pictures, prices and so on, and everything related to the product, we can consider putting it up. But remember, the product is also the same as the original, like a picture of the product